Adventuring: It’s What I Do

True Story:

I really believe that adventure lies not so much in what you do, but in what you make of what you do. Hence, I like to think that most of my life is an adventure. The grocery store adventures, the walking in the rain adventures, the manipulating the GPS adventure and this last week: the kill the car in Georgia adventure.

I live in Turkey. I spent 3 weeks in Africa. My dad has . . . correction, HAD . . . prostate cancer and was treated in Atlanta, Georgia. My husband and I traveled about 28 hours to meet up with my dad in Georgia, and then spent the weekend with my aunt and uncle in NC. We drove back to GA on Sunday to make it in time for church Sunday night. We went to church and met up with some friends, enjoyed it thoroughly, listened to the storm outside, then headed out. We were hungry and getting a bit tired from the drive, so we decided to run to Papa John’s and order some pizza. I had also really wanted to run to a craft store and pick up a few things, so while we were waiting, we ran down the street. Well, no . . . we didn’t run, we drove. And that’s where the adventure begins.

We got part way down the road when the car started making funny noises and I heard my dad say “We’re losing her, guys!” My husband chimes in, “Why don’t you shut it off and restart it while we’re here at the light?”

And, that was all she wrote. We were stuck in the right turn lane on a 4 lane road. It was drizzling outside, the gears locked up – so we couldn’t even push it out of the way, my dad’s phone was dying, but worst of all: OUR PIZZA WAS GOING TO BE READY SOON!

So, we called AAA, but that didn’t work out for us. We had one phone number of a friend who lived in Georgia. The next thing we knew, a policeman pulled up behind us and said that he had to call his own tow truck because we were blocking traffic. He seemed a little doubtful of our story at first. “Oh yeah, we’re from out of the country, my dad’s finishing up his radiation treatment this week, his other car broke down last week, we’re not from the area, all the rental car agencies are closed . . . blah blah blah.” But, by the end I think we made pretty good friends with him.

My favorite part of the evening is when we saw the Papa John’s delivery boy pull up to the light that we were stuck at and my dad ran out in the street to tell him that we broke down and we had pizza waiting back at the store and could he please bring it back to us? So, we waited for what seemed like forever in the drizzle, on the side of the road, with the police car’s flashing lights watching over us. Eventually, the delivery car made it back with our pizza, and we ate some while it was still hot. Oh, and the tow truck made it too, though I was considered the Papa John’s car of slightly higher importance at the time.

In all, it was quite enjoyable. I had nowhere to be and nothing important to do, so why not stand outside in the Georgia drizzle and watch a cool sunset with a police man and Papa John’s delivery guy? Everything worked out in the end. The car was towed to a repair shop, we were given a ride to our hotel, the policeman got back to his patrolling duties, and we ate our pizza.

And that is the kill the car in Georgia adventure. Just squint your eyes a bit more . . . yep the left one should be a little farther shut than the right . . . okay. Great. Now, just about anything should come out as an adventure for you.


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