So this is summer . . .

Chaos, murmurs, hurt, strife.
Day long day, across the year, I feel these knocking at my door,
asking to come and weaken my joy.
It feels that summer has turned a cold shoulder towards me,
and I am at her mercy for whatever she might hurl my way.

But, then, nearly suddenly it seems,
a splash, a crash,
and all is changed.
For the sweet days of long light and warm feelings has come.
For this time, the chaos lives somewhere else,
I’m suspended in something that shocks me with light,
and at the same time sends me reeling in the freedom and peace that swaddle me.
Yet, as wondrous as this seems it must be,
there is only a short time before the “freedom” and “peace”
become uncomfortable and threaten to suffocate me if I don’t soon
return to the world of chaos.

That’s when I push off the bottom and come up for air.

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