You need to check this out . . .

So, last night I was visiting a boss from several years ago and had a lovely time just sitting and catching up. I worked in a camp kitchen when I was 15 and 16, and this lady spent a lot of time praying for me and teaching me, and I am extremely grateful for her! As we were talking, she shared with me that one of her daughters has gone through a very difficult time of testing in her life recently, and to see the ways that God has turned around her sufferings and decided to use her through them is amazing!

Even though many people in her position would have gotten angry and question what God was doing, or where God even was, she decided instead to let God change her and use her and the gifts He had given her to glorify Him. She is an artist and has decided to illustrate some of her favorite verses from Scripture. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the scripture based greeting cards, but her drawings are also beautiful.

Please go look at her website: Remenderings.

copyright Rebecca Byrd – Remenderings

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