Life Lately – August 11th

So . . . I’ve mostly been posting poems lately as part of my 30 day challenge. That’s been good and all, but usually they are late at night and I am using up the very last ounces of my creativity to churn one out and then hit the sack. 🙂

Well, I realized tonight that I haven’t actually written about life recently. So, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on.

Well, we’ve been out here in Colorado for the last three weeks with my husband’s family. It has been a good time. I love Colorado, and we’ve been able to enjoy quite a bit of it! Jeremy and I went up to the mountains just the two of us a couple of weeks ago, then we went to Colorado Springs with his parents and two sisters, and just this last weekend we went camping with his brother, sisters, and some friends. It’s been great!

Other than that, we’ve been mostly running errands and gearing up to head back to Istanbul in just 11 hours now! I’m super excited to be headed back and get back into teaching. I’m starting to get anxious to get back to some responsibilities!

We’ll be starting our journey at 12:50 on Thursday, and we should arrive in Istanbul shortly after 5:00 on Friday evening. So, it’ll definitely be a long day or two, but it’ll be nice to get “home.” The pictures in this post are all from our camping trip up near Boulder, CO. We had fun cooking out, four-wheeling, and just hanging around the campfire trying to stay warm.

I probably won’t be posting for a couple of days, but I’ll be writing my poems for my challenge anyway and will post them as soon as I can. And, hopefully I’ll have some pictures and stories for you coming up in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime . . . check out my book over in the Amazon store!

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