Life Lately . . . today

So, today was pretty fun. It finally feels like we’re actually back in Istanbul, because we made it back to places that we visited before. This morning we traveled two hours by mini-bus, metro, and walking to get to TRT, one of the main television and radio stations in Turkey. One of our students from last year, Gokhan Bolukcu, is an emerging music artist in Turkey, and he had a ten minute segment this morning on TRT-News. We went to meet up with him at the studio and hang out for a while before and after he went on. We didn’t actually get to go into the recording studio, but we were sitting right down the hallway and watching him on live TV. We also got a copy of his CD, which he kindly signed for us. I know that it will be worth tons someday!!

Once we were all finished, we went down to get balik ekmek from the near the straights. It was quite good, in my opinion. But then again, I like fish, so of course I would think it was good! Balik ekmek is just a fish sandwich with some lettuce and onions, and in my case salt and lemon juice! Afterwards, we started walking towards the biggest square in Istanbul – or at least the most famous, Taksim. We stopped for çay along the way, and stopped in some music stores. Gokhan had brought a friend along that didn’t speak English, so we got a lot of Turkish practice today. It was fun to just hang out and spend time out and about in the city. But I will say that it has worn me out. Partly the mental exercise of working on my Turkish combined with the walking and traveling around the city.

Nonetheless, it was a fun day, and something that I don’t often have the privilege of doing. So, for that I am grateful, and with that . . . goodnight.


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