First Campaigner Challenge!

So, you may remember I posted about a week and half ago that I was entering the 3rd Platform Building Campaign. Well, the campaign consists of three challenges, the first of which is a 200 word flash fiction beginning with the words “The door swung open . . .” The additional goals for this challenge was to end at exactly 200 words as well as to include “the door swung shut.” as the last four words. So . . . here is my entry, exactly 200 words! Enjoy!!

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The door swung open. I was aware of that much. Whether it was the cool draft that tickled my neck, or faint creak of hinges that notified me, I wasn’t sure. But, no sooner had the thought registered in my mind than I forgot it altogether. Thoughts overtook me these days in a way that was frightening. I felt as though I held no more connection to the living, walking, functioning world than a puff of smoke filtering through the air. Others noticed me, sure. But, what is a ring of carbonic gas to notice of the world? It took a tremendous effort to remind myself to think tangibly. So, I rubbed my fingers on the splintered wood under my thighs. Yes, that brought some clarity to the situation. He’d been gone for nearly eight months now, and I wasn’t sure I could afford another breath until he was back. It was as though the one who had engendered this little life inside of me, and given life to me, swept it all away that day he left.

So lonely. So utterly lonely.  

Waiting for that blessed day I’d hear him again . . .


The door swung shut. 

Leave your comments and let me know what you think!!


21 thoughts on “First Campaigner Challenge!

  1. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it. This exercise reminded me of the days of a sheet of paper with one line and a picture. Your stories were wonderful then too.

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