Online Bookmarking

I’ve recently gotten caught up in two {new to me} sites. WARNING: they can be addicting. But, they are also super helpful and enjoyable.

I often find blogs or pictures or things that I want to be able to look at again, but don’t usually remember where they are, and even if I use the bookmark application on my browser, it doesn’t give me the same motivation to go back and look at those things again. Well . . . I have found my favorite pair of sites for the time being and thought I’d share them with you. 

#1: Stumbleupon – My sister-in-laws were talking about this this summer, and I finally decided to check it out. It’s a pretty awesome service! You enter your own likes and interests when you create an account, and then you just go and “stumble” around the internet! Any articles, blogs, pictures, etc. that have been tagged with your interests might show up. As you are going along, you have the option to either “like” a site, or give it a thumbs down (and also you can choose why you disklike it.) Stumbleupon will then take all of your likes/dislikes, etc. as it continues to choose sites that they think will fit into your interest group. It’s a really great way to discover new blogs and ideas that are out there. Also, anything that you “like” will be saved onto your “favorites” page, so you can then go and find them all again when you are finally ready to use them! It is also really easy to share things through facebook, twitter, or email through stumbleupon. Finally . . . one of the things that I really like about stumbleupon is that it has a toolbar you can install into your internet browser. That way, it takes up minimal space, and any time you want to stumble, you’re free to!

#2: Pinterest – I know that I said that Stumbleupon is great for bookmarking sites on their favorites page, but this site one-ups stumbleupon. I only just joined last night, and already I LOVE this site. I just love the idea behind it, because I love clipping pictures and seeing boards covered with ideas! With this one as well you have the option of perusing the sites chosen things, or adding a button to your toolbar and adding things from anywhere on the internet. Pinterest is more focused on visuals, and when you find a website, idea, recipe, etc. that you like, you can “pin” it to one of your boards. Your boards can have different categories (i.e. Recipes, DIY, Cool photographs, Quotes, etc.) Then, as you find things you want to keep or remember, you simply “pin” them to the appropriate category board. When you want to revisit those sites or pictures, you simply go to your board (which is an awesome bulletin board type visual) and click on the picture. That will then give you access back to the original website. Here’s an example of what one of my boards looks like:

I personally am thrilled with the combination of these sites, but you may prefer one or the other. If you’re interested, go on over and sign up! They are both free. Stumbleupon will give you access almost immediately, but Pinterest requires an invite. If you’d like for me to send you an invite, just leave a comment here letting me know.



3 thoughts on “Online Bookmarking

  1. Please send me a pintrest invite. It has been on my list to find out more about it, and you have done it for me! Check!

    Are you on Twitter? Someone told me I should set up an account there. But it is enough just keeping up with what I am doing.

    Thanks, candy

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