Philosophy of Education

I realize this is more of an education post and belongs on my other blog, (and it is there too, so sorry if you read both!) but I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts recently and at least get something up. Besides, there will probably be more thoughts to come from this author on here in a few weeks, so I’ll go ahead and introduce you to him. Meet Paulo Freire . . .

I have been reading Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage  for one of my classes and have been really impressed with Paulo Freire and his ideas. I still have a lot to sift through as I am reading, but I came across a paragraph tonight that I wanted to adopt as a vision statement. Perhaps I will make some modifications, but here are some of Freire’s goals in teaching, and I’d like to make them mine as well:

This is the road I have tried to follow as a teacher: living my convictions; being open to the process of knowing and sensitive to the experience of teaching as an art; being pushed forward by the challenges that prevent me from bureaucratizing my practice; accepting my limitations, yet always conscious of the necessary effort to overcome them and aware that I cannot hide them because to do so would be a failure to respect both my students and myself as a teacher.

Curiosity: the essence of Friere’s philosophy of education.


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