Happy Halloween!

So, oddly enough, Halloween is a much bigger deal for me this year than it usually ever was before. I guess that comes from having a little lab of eager people to make pumpkins and put costumes on dogs, and read random Pigmoose Halloween stories.

But, that being said, Halloween does bring back memories . . .

Like two years ago when I sneaked around to grab pumpkins and carve them while Jeremy was at school and have the waiting at home for his arrival.

Like the countless years my mom got the mask out of the basement that would give my little sister nightmares and freak me out too. But, I never got teased because I was just hyperventilating while Mollie was running and screaming.

Like the year I went trick-or-treating in the dorm.

Like going trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids, gathering for a party afterwards, and then a mom insisting someone walk us the block home, even though we lived in a tiny neighborhood and I was leaving for college in less than a year.

And this year I can add on the memory of having my kids make jack-o-lanterns and proceeding to run around the classroom knocking on every surface and saying “trickertreat, candy please!” (I do have such polite little villains.)


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