CC21: A Reason

We were at a different mall tonight. Half just hanging out, half Christmas shopping. The decorations at the mall are beautiful! I was pretty impressed with some of their Christmas displays. There was a huge white-light tree . . . red and gold hanging tweed balls . . . and presents or Christmas decorations in almost every store front. Yet, despite all of that, the people still have no idea what Christmas is. Most of them think that it is on December 30th and equate it with New Years. It is funny that even with all of the displays, people still ask if I am buying birthday presents. The concept is just so blurred, even though they have a lot of the trappings.

That makes me really thankful that I have a real reason for celebrating Christmas. Yes, I know that the focus on Christmas can often become overlooked because of the shadow of materialism and man-made happiness, but beneath all of the wrappings and music and parties and cookies, there is a meaning and reason for Christmas that will never change and never die.

I celebrate Christmas because it signifies the time when Jesus, the son of God, gave up everything to become a man . . . come to earth . . . live, laugh, hurt, cry, dream, and eventually . . . die for me. Christmas reminds me of the love that God showed me by sending his Son in an attempt to ransom my wild and reckless heart. That’s sobering, and that’s exciting, and Christmas gives me the opportunity to celebrate this. Jesus’ birth must be celebrated, but it cannot be celebrated without also commemorating his death, for in the very act of his birth, he was preparing for his death. His death is what sealed my soul. His death opened the door for me to spend eternity in heaven. So, I must approach Christmas with bridled enthusiasm and hopeful somberness.

I love this time of year. It is full of memories and traditions. Exciting moments, fun music, movies galore, great food . . . but without a reason to anchor it to life, it is meaningless. I am thankful I have a reason . . . do you?

I know I have shared this before, but I can’t not share it again – this is the reason I celebrate Christmas.


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