CC20: Christmas Improvisations

Did you see the snow?!? Isn’t that awesome! I was so excited when I found out I could turn that on.

Okay, anyways. 20 days until Christmas! So, I have found in living overseas that Christmas things are not always as readily available or as easy to find as they are in America. This year we have found a lot of Christmas decorations and things, but they are all really expensive. The cheapest stockings we could find were 29 TL. I just had a hard time spending that much on stockings. And last year, we had a hard time finding a suitable tree. We ended up with one that looked like it hated Christmas and went on a diet. So . . . this year we have been a bit inventive. Here are some pictures of our “tree” and “stockings” and though not Christmas related, our new shelving unit.

Stockings: For stockings last year (I am actually wearing them right now) we got a pair of slipper boots. We were walking through IKEA and spied these oven mitts this year, and they looking surprisingly like stiletto stockings when you turn them upside down! Plus, then they are dual purpose. Stockings for December, and oven mitts for the rest of the year!

Christmas tree: I had actually attempted a hanging Christmas tree mobile idea that I had seen on Pinterest, and it was just not working for me. So, I ended up taking a 10 liter water bottle, slicing it down the sides, cutting out a triangle, rolling it back together to create a conical shape, and then hot-gluing on bulbs and paper flowers. Afterwards I added a bit of tinsel and a bow on top and strung some lights into the bottle and around it. I’m happy with the result!

Shelving unit: So . . . my apartment has a clear view of the dumpster, and I sometimes watch what people throw away and then send Jeremy down to get them for me. I have done this with several wooden crates. This weekend we rearranged the furniture and needed something to fill a bit of space. So, we pulled out the crates, added part of a left-over slipcover and a placemat, and voila – a shelving unit that cost us NOTHING but adds some color and storage. Pretty excited! I also hid our modem inside the bottom one on the right, and we put some extra Christmas lights inside the bottom left.

Movie Reviews:

The last thing I wanted to add today was that I decided to give you short reviews on the Christmas movies that we watch this year. I love Christmas movies, and I have several on my list for this year. So . . . I’ll just leave you with a few thoughts on the ones I watch!

1. Fred Clause
my rating: ******** 8/10
This was a really fun family movie. I honestly thought it would be really cheesy (okay, so what are Christmas movies without a little cheesiness?) But, still I really enjoyed it. The story line revolves around Santa’s brother Fred who hasn’t liked St. Nicholas for years because he was so difficult to live with. But in a desperate attempt to get some money out of his brother, he ends up going to the North Pole to help out a few days before Christmas, and by the time Christmas is over, the family relationships have mended. This is a good one for the whole family. There are no objectionable scenes, and as far as I can remember little to no language.


2. Noel
my rating: ** 2/10
I really did not like this movie. Take a lot of people who have a lot of difficult life circumstances, stage the movie at Christmastime, set up for everyone to have to face their problems and deal with them and come out the better. So, fine message, really depressing story line. I’m not a depressing Christmas movie fan. I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t watch this with a family . . . or anyone, really.


Okay . . . see you tomorrow!


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