CC6: Evaluating and Setting Goals

So, this is really a pre-cursor to a post I am planning for next week, but I thought I’d share it in case anyone else is interested in doing this as well. Sometimes, I find myself anti-goals and anti-evaluation because it can be depressing or discouraging. But, at the same time, goals and evaluation can be greatly encouraging. And, as an educator goals and evaluation are critical to what I do every day. Without them, there is no context by which to judge success in the activities or tasks that I am doing.

So, that being said, next week I intend to do some blog evaluation and goal-setting. More questions may come up before I post my final one, but here are the questions that I have already thought about asking myself. Maybe you’d be interested in doing the same and leaving a comment or link so I can see yours!

Evaluation Questions: 

How would I describe my blog from this last year? 
What was my favorite thing from this last year?
What did I feel was not effective, or what did I not like?

Goals Questions:

How do I want people to categorize my blog?
What do I want to do the same next year that I did last year?
What do I want to do differently next year? 
By the end of 2012 what do I want to have accomplished with my writing?

Just some thoughts. I’m sure that yours will change as you think and write for yourself, and mine will probably change a little too. But, just an encouragement to make your blogging meaningful!

Okay, have a great night!


2 thoughts on “CC6: Evaluating and Setting Goals

  1. We do a lot of goal setting at my school: on assignment reflections, on student reports, and longer term goals at the beginning of the year. One of the phrases that runs through the building is, “You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t have any.”
    One of the things I sometimes dislike about goals is that they are also committments: if I set this as a goal, I have to do it! Feels like I already have a lot on my plate already.
    Good luck with it all!

    1. I can see that. It sometimes makes it more discouraging when you don’t accomplish something that you wanted to because you said that you were going to do it. I guess there has to be a balance between giving yourself motivation but not crushing yourself for failing.
      Thanks for reading!

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