CC2: London

Cheers! We made it!

Yesterday was a fun day, full of just hanging out together, and then the 3 hour trek to London. We made it safe and sound and are looking forward to some adventures this afternoon. I believe that we will be taking a walking tour and attending a service at Westminster Abbey. I’m quite excited about everything.

Yesterday I finished a Christmas novel: O Little Town: A Novel, by Don Reid. It was a good book. I finished it in two days, so it moved quickly. It didn’t rocket to the top of my charts or anything, but it was enjoyable. I felt that the story lines were not super well articulated and that the ending didn’t reflect the importance shed on the separate story lines in the book. That being said, there was resolution that fit every crisis in the story, so that was relieving. Though I moan about the story lines being wrongly weighted, there were several separate story lines that were beautifully woven together in the last chapter. The general idea is an account of 4 different families who are facing a lot of problems at Christmas time, and one old man remember a Christmas from years past. The entire book takes place within a couple of days at present, and is interspersed with flashbacks to the early 1900s. The problems build and build until Christmas Eve when everyone comes to grips with what is actually going on in their lives and what is actually important. Overall, it is a good Christmas story. So, if you have a couple of days . . . sit back and enjoy!



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