Around the Block

It is sitting there, right in front of me. I can’t actually see it, so . . . of  course you will wonder how I know that it is there. But I’m beginning to think that possibly it is just so big that I can’t see it because it dwarfs and overwhelms and swallows up all of the reality around me. Thankfully I haven’t crashed into yet, or there would be some serious mocking by my husband. I did that once before you know, walked straight into the closed bedroom door in the middle of the night. Thankfully, so far, I’ve been able to navigate this monstrosity better than that.

But seriously, it is cramping my style. Have you ever had something this big just sitting there, for weeks on end? I’ve had to clean around it and cook around it, it really is becoming burdensome. I’ve tried calling for someone to come and pick it up, but they’re all on holiday, and their messages are those kind that you can’t really ascertain when they are going to be back. Generally I just respond with some trite, polite sarcasm that I’ve picked up from the aforementioned husband.

I like to imagine that it is at least a pretty block. I’ve told you that it swallows and camouflages itself with everything around it,  but still. Seriously. I know that it doesn’t really look like nothing. If it were nothing than I wouldn’t have been navigating around it all this time. So, I imagine it as a beautiful block. Perhaps a bit contemporary. I’m not all about the vintage, flowery patterns that some people are into these days. I’d rather it be bold and stripey or, maybe a bit whimsical. It’d be much easier to deal with if I knew for a fact that it was whimsical. But, I don’t know that for a fact, and thus it continues to really bother me.

Sometimes when I close my eyes at night, I feel like it is moving around, ever so slowly and quietly, so that it can trip me from a new angle in the morning. How clever! How frightfully clever it is. And it is working. I haven’t been tripping so much lately, but it just keeps me all cornered into this little spot. I think that it was its primary objective, honestly, and I think that it is winning. And how ludicrous that I should let a block win like that! It is rather humiliating to think that I could get defeated by even a whimsical block such as that. And so, I am sitting here at the dawn of this new year trying to think of ways to counter-attack. Even it’s whimsicality or contemporariness won’t save it. I will hack, or ax, or shred this block to pieces – once I can just discover the best possible strategy. We’ll see who’s tripping then, I’m sure.

Anyhow, it is high time that I left this rambling post and head on towards the more noble endeavor, beating this miserable, frustrating writer’s block that I have been forced to house for the last couple of months. I do hope to have this whole thing cleaned up by next week and something suitable for you to read. Until then, if you find any good strategies for dealing with this cleanly and appropriately, let me know. The last thing I want to do is just toss it out the window only to find it crawling up the steps next week on my way home from school.


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