Lost in Another World

So . . . my life recently. Well, I have been immersed in a couple of books and have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve had to just read what I want to read. I haven’t indulged in this activity as intensely as I have in the last few days, and it has been wonderful. I’ve been thinking through how much I really love Narnia, and laughing along with a humorist as he tries to go a year without telling a lie. But, you’ll read about those in other places.

We went adventuring this weekend. I would rather say it was a fail, but we had fun and enjoyed the time together, so was it really? I don’t know. I’d been working on plans all week to just go out and enjoy Saturday with my husband doing things that we haven’t yet gotten to do in this amazingly huge and historic city of Istanbul. I decided on a Church museum and a fortress in ruins to visit for the day and was ecstatic that he was clueless and we would spend the day just wandering and enjoying. He had already been to the church museum, and it rained all morning, then turned to snow once we left said museum making an afternoon exploring an old fortress seem a bit . . . well, not so fun. But, that’s the nice thing about having married my best friend. The best laid plans can go awry, and I will still love every minute with him.

We ended up leaving the museum to come home and watch the Denver Nuggets crush the Miami Heat. That was fun. We then watched Rudy in which I was inspired to chase dreams and help others do the same. Then, we rested and slept for a bit so that we could wake up at 3:00 a.m. to watch what was supposed to be a monumental play-off win for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. I saw the scores change, but I just have this medical condition known as humanity that makes it really difficult for me to get up and stay awake when I am still reclining on the couch with a wonderfully soft blanket on. I’m sure I would have woken up more if the game had been exciting, but sadly it was not what we had hoped for. At least now we have a few more months in which to acquire a Tebow jersey and be more prepared for the hype come fall.

I have also been thinking about this video today. I’m thankful for a gracious God, and all of the intricate mysteries that He gives me tiny glimpses of regarding His character and nature.


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