True Story: Treasure Hunt

May I preface this story with affirming that it is indeed true, but there are some facts that have been changed . . . because they needed to be. Names have been left out to protect those who own them (innocent or guilty), and furthermore, some liberty has been taken in the documenting of this story due to the fact that I cannot completely ascertain which language certain parts occurred in. Interlanguage tends to cause a lot of problems for telling stories to a monolingual party (or a party who does not speak both of the languages contributing to that particular interlanguage.) These facts being clear – I will begin.


We had just finished lunch, and we needed some adventure by which to exert excess energy, spend a little of our precious time, and forget the tediousness of pages and exercises that commands our attention for so much of the day. So, we – having heard that there was a treasure hidden in this region – decided to make a trek to find such treasure. We had the time, and who could turn down such an adventure as treasure-hunting?

We began by quietly tiptoeing through the jungle trying to avoid the snakes that were hanging from the trees. Some in my cohort did not understand the seriousness of leaving the sleeping snakes lie and decided to taunt the snakes. I had to hurry them through that part of the jungle lest one of us be fatally bitten by the poisonous snakes that most assuredly live there.

Upon leaving the jungle, we found ourselves right at the edge of shark-infested waters. Our intelligence told us that the treasure was on the other side of the water, and so we had to swim quickly and help each other through. Thankfully, none of us had open wounds which would certainly have attracted the sharks attention all the more! Once on the far shore and dripping wet, we took a small breather to dry our clothes and regain some of our energy, for before us was a HUGE mountain.

We looked up the mountain despairingly, but the prospect of treasure at the top gave us the strength we needed to continue on. So, up we climbed. They were such high steps we had to take and such hard reaches we had to make. But, eventually, we pulled the last little guy up to the very top. We were breathing heavy by then, of course. Who wouldn’t be?

We looked around wondering where this treasure could be when we saw a small opening to a cave. Of course – pirates always hide treasure in caves! So, we held hands, because it was very very dark in the cave. We held hands and journeyed through the tunnel until we came to the spot that the map indicated the treasure should be. We pulled out our shovels and we started digging and digging and digging. We had to dig for quite a while, but eventually I felt the wood under my shovel and we stopped. I, as the designated leader of the group, opened the chest and we gazed in awe at the contents we saw. There were some of the most beautiful things and dazzling riches that we had ever seen! Some of my friends in my group tried to grab some of the booty and run, but I called them back so that we could do things right. I decided that I would choose the recipients of each beautiful treasure.

I handed out the sparkly necklace and elegant earrings to the two girls who were with me. I gave a crown to the next leader-like one in the group. I handed out a golden, diamond studded watch and a jewel-encrusted helmet. I gave out a spear and sword. When the chest was empty and everyone had received a gift, I looked around – happy with our adventure. It had turned out most splendid . . . that is until the recipient of the spear came up to me and told me quite plainly that he didn’t want a spear – he wanted the watch. There will always be a discontent one, I’m sure – but seriously. . .

It’s imaginary!! Change it in your own head!!


One thought on “True Story: Treasure Hunt

  1. Hahaha!! That was hilarious! It amazes me that even in the imaginary realm children find reasons to want what someone else has. Adventures are always easy to find when you have little people with which to share them. Thanks for the great story!!

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