Stories to Tell

I am amazed when I stand here,
at the stories that they could tell
could they speak.
The things these stones have seen,
how long they have observed
the comings and goings
of generations before me.
And I realize that the men who
walked on these cobblestones
are a part of the same story
that I am.
They lived earlier chapters,
and different times, but
still they were like me –
minutia in the grand scheme,
but key players in the story that God
had created for them –
a story that the stones will watch,
and we will live,
and in the end, it will change the world.



One thought on “Stories to Tell

  1. Kylie…. I just got your note and drink packet today! Thank you so much. And by the way, I really like today’s poem. How long will your parents visit? Have a great time!

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