Loving being in love . . .

I had an amazing Valentine’s Day this last week. It still astounds me that God allowed me to marry my best friend and just enjoy life and dreaming with him! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband.


Most of the rest of what has been happening is a lot of dreaming and wondering and praying in our lives right now. Then, some exalting at God’s blessing a good friend with their first daughter, some rejoicing at fellowshipping with passionate believers, and a lot of reading. 🙂 That is probably going to make it into my journalling posts almost every week this semester!

On Saturday we went outside to play football for a bit – we needed some time away from the books and computers and out in the sunshine. Turks don’t really play American football very often, and we were playing in the middle of apartment complex, so we noticed a few audiences on various balconies around us. It was still a little chilly out on Saturday, so we weren’t all that happy when the pond decided to play with us as well.

We also added to our Turkish library this week. Around the World in 80 Days, Robin Hood, and Robinson Crusoe . . . all on about a 2nd grade level. But – you’ve got to start somewhere!

Well, I have a few projects to work on tonight . . . some of which I hope will wind up on here in the next few days, so keep your eyes open!!

iyi geceler, my friends!


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