Her Name’s Ali . . . Giveaway!! (Closed)

Lynette heard the familiar creak of the front door as it opened and closed. A heavy step sounded down the hallway, and Lynette turned her head as her son dropped his backpack in the closet and continued through the kitchen. He hadn’t even looked up or acknowledged her presence as he headed for the stairs.

            “Hey, TJ. How was school?”

            A quiet anger sounded in his voice, “I’ve told you a thousand times not to call me that. School stunk.” He hadn’t yet made eye contact, and it was apparent that he didn’t intend to. Lynette choked back tears as she watched Tyler’s back disappear up the stairs and a minute later heard the latching of his bedroom door. Setting down the potatoes she had been peeling for dinner, and reaching over to turn off the radio, Lynette gathered her emotions and headed up the stairs to his room. She grabbed his mail on the way. As a junior in high school, he was receiving all sorts of college brochures and university applications. Maybe she could get him to talk for a minute.

            She knocked lightly and waited for the gruff answer. She didn’t hear one, so she cracked open the door and peeked inside.Tylerwas laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Lynette feared for his social life, knowing that this was how he spent most of his afternoons. A few books lay beside him, open, but he had no interest in them.

            “Tyler, these came for you in the mail today.” He glanced at her, and sat up to grab the mail. She saw him glance through it quickly, not caring much for the information on the envelopes, until he reached the bottom one. Lynette had stupidly left the brochure in the pile, not thinking. She stood at the doorway, admiring her son’s sharp features when she saw him start to tremble, and his eyes press closed in determination. She looked down at his hand and saw an army flyer. The green camouflage background was fitting, and on the front was a picture of a soldier, covered in mud with his gun trained on an unseen target. Glancing back up, she saw a tear sliding down her son’s cheeks. She sat down and wrapped her arm around his shoulder, half expecting him to shrug it off. He didn’t. Instead he sat, and his shoulders shook as he stared at the simple paper. “Ty, it’s okay. Shhhhh.”

            “No, Mom, it’s not okay.” Desperation overrode the sound of anger in his voice. His words came out quietly as he moved away from her side and went to the bathroom. “It will never be okay.” 


So, this has been sitting in the back of my mind for far too long. This is my novel. I don’t think it is all the way finished, but it is complete. And, I’m giving it away. Here’s the deal – and I’ll try to make it semi-understandable.

If you would like to read a copy of my novel – Her Name’s Ali, leave a comment below with your email address (or send me an email at klizbarker (at) yahoo (dot) com if you’d rather, but be sure to put Her Name’s Ali as the subject line. I will send you a pdf within a few days of when you email me.

Here’s the rest of the giveaway. For every 10 emails I receive back with comments, opinions, and critique on the book, I will give away a $10 Amazon gift card. So . . . if I receive 10 emails with comments on the book, I will give away one gift card to one of the 10 comment senders. If I receive 20 emails, 2 gift cards, etc. If that’s confusing, just let me know in the comments.

What this means is that if you would like a better chance of winning a gift card you need to (1) email me for a copy of the book, (2) read the book and (3) tell as many friends as possible so that you can have a higher chance of winning a gift card!

Happy reading!!


3 thoughts on “Her Name’s Ali . . . Giveaway!! (Closed)

  1. Love to read your novel. Did you ever publish the one that Jeremy had me read before you were married. As I remember it was very good. Love you. Mom

  2. Hey Ky!!
    I don’t think I have a copy but I would like to read it. I may have already but don’t remember for sure so go ahead and get it to me.

    Love DAD!!!

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