Protesting and Painting

So, this last week was good. Somehow I did a good job at staying on top of my school work which just made the whole week feel much nicer. The weekend ended up being really fun. I don’t really remember Friday night . . . oh wait! We figured out how to order pizza online and thus save the whole humorous conversation on the phone that always was just . . . hm, great! Jeremy can’t eat cheese on his pizza, so explaining that in a second language was always loads of fun.

Saturday was fun just hanging out around the house. I worked on a painting that I finished Sunday night. I’m not an artist by trade, but it was super relaxing to just take the time and do something that I really wanted to do. Here’s a picture of a the finished product. The line on the painting comes from a song that has been going through my head recently.

We also were able to visit with some friends this week which was really fun. We went to some Turkish friends’ house. That means that we ate A TON!!! But it was so good!

We also got to observe some of a protest in Istiklal, demonstrating for victims of a massacre in Azerbaijan in the 1990s. We watched from the third floor of a Burger King. There were some really interesting aspects – the simit (pretzel/bagel treats) sellers who just kept on plodding through the packed streets with their huge trays of simit. The Osmanli band that marched through the middle (aka, traditional musicians from a pretty long time ago – longer than the 1990s!!) Here’s a couple of pictures from that:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other than that . . . same old, same old. 🙂


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