Painting and Planning

Hm. Let’s see.

Well, I have some pretty big and exciting news. This has been a work in progress, and I haven’t known exactly how to share it – but I guess that now it is getting more and more official, and we need all of the help and prayers that we can get! We’re headed back to Africa this summer!! Click here to check out what we’re up to and how you can pray for us and possibly get involved!

On another note, two new blogs got started in our apartment this last week! One is a pretty awesome photo blog that my husband just started (he might possibly have been given a birthday present about 2 months early. I don’t know.) The other is a book club blog that my two sisters and I are doing together. I think that it will be both a lot of fun, and a real challenge for the three of us. If you’re interested in discussing the book, Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl by N.D. Wilson with us, head on over here and subscribe.

Other than that, our house wasn’t too busy this last week. Jeremy left this morning for a 7 churches tour, so he’s enjoying that for the first half of this week, and I’m here . . . cleaning, reading, hoping to get a good dent in my work for this week so that we can hang out when he gets back.

And, I attempted another painting project this weekend. Here’s my final product, and the song that this one is taken from below.


One thought on “Painting and Planning

  1. Hi, Kylie,
    Melanie and I are hanging here, too. Wish you lived much closer. Glad to hear your news that you are returning to Senegal this summer. Wow! We will pray and hold up the whole process before the Lord with you. Have a good time and call if you get lonely. I am busy working on thank you for support letters. Sarah and Charity both have fever and chills today. Stay healthy!! Love, Gayle

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