I’m sorry I’m a day late. I had a date last night. 😉

I shared a post on Wednesday about a book I’d been reading that made me think a lot about where I am and what I am experiencing as an American living in a foreign country. Thoughts have been romping around my head the last few days, refusing to sit still and let me make sense of them. But every now and again I catch a snippet of their truth, and I am content to know that there is indeed some truth hidden inside of them. I don’t have to understand it all now, one day I will.


There are a lot of things here
that remind me of there.
They point and mimic and echo.
But they aren’t there,
and they never can be.
So, I’m stuck holding onto a  shadow.

The shadows are fleeting,
and never give fulness,
I’m always groaning for more.
I’m searching for ways
to make sense of the days
that I’m left without sight of home’s door.

Despair can come quickly
Fear threatens daily
I’ll never fully fit in.
But hope reassures
One day He will return
and I’ll be home . . . forever . . . with Him.


One thought on “Homesick

  1. Amen Kylie!!
    No where better then in the hands of our almighty God!!!
    Miss you terribly but I know our God has you where He wants you!!

    Love you so much!!!

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