Life Lately

Today was a BEAUTIFUL springy day!! I even still have our sliding door open although the sun has gone to see our nephews in Pennsylvania a little while ago. I’m really thankful for the sunshine and warm weather this weekend. It was a blessing.

Yesterday we enjoyed the warm weather by going on a Bosporus Cruise with some friends. It was absolutely gorgeous! (I need to stop using the word cruise . . . hehehe . . . it costs about $7 and is a ferry ride up and down the Bosporus Straits.)

I’ve been thinking of how to best share some of the events of this past week. They were . . . interesting to be sure! On Friday, we went out on a date, and that was very much appreciated by me! We really enjoyed the time together. I was technically on Spring Break last week, which basically meant that I had no new posts to contribute to, though I have plenty of work to keep me busy! But, I took advantage of the fact and just relaxed some on Saturday. I’ve finished a couple of books, and also finished my newest painting. (I’ll show pictures at the end.)

Then, on Saturday night, we were going to a friends’ house that takes us about an hour to get to (which isn’t very much judging on how long it takes us to get most places around here. God’s teaching me to slow down and not worry so much about minutes passing with nothing to show for them. Oh American me . . .) Anyhow, we were on our way to this couple’s house and when our bus stopped for us to get off, there were just hundreds of young guys and girls (in their 20s) jumping the bus fence and walking in our lane. They were coming through the turnstiles without paying and basically just cluttering up the entire walkway, stairway, and road!! There was a big game that night that might clench the league championship for Galatasaray, so needless to say, the fans were a bit crazy! It probably took us a good 5 minutes to get up the stairs to the bridge so that we could walk the rest of the way to our friends’ house. But, it was fun. I felt quite bad for the lone policeman looking helplessly at the hundreds of kids just jumping the fence and getting on the bus. He didn’t stand a chance!!

After we left our friends’ house, we have to walk about 15 minutes, then take the tram for about 15 minutes, and then take the minibus for about 20 minutes. Well, we were on the minibus, and it was semi-crowded. After a while, Jeremy got a seat and I was standing near him. Well, long story short (because it will be too much work and too much clutter to attempt!) the guy sitting in front of me just about had it out with the guy sitting in front of him. (Remember, I was standing.) They yelled a bit at the beginning – and I’m pretty sure the problem was that the guy wanted to sit with his wife, who moved to sit with him, leaving a woman sitting alone in the seat in front. Well, the new guy that had just gotten on the bus had his prayer beads in his hand, and I think there might have been an argument because the second guy wanted to sit next to a guy and not next to a girl. I’m not totally sure, I just know that when the first guy started to swing, he brushed my stomach. I was a little unnerved, because, really, in a minibus, where are you going to go?! But, thankfully, there were enough people to calm them down, and we were getting off soon after. I will say though that I prefer fights in the open to fights on the minibus!

I’ll allow that to suffice for adventures from this last week. 🙂 Below is a picture of my newest painting, and the song that it was taken from. It’s probably not my favorite, and I’m not sure why. But . . . oh well. (And, as a side note, if anyone is interested in a custom lyrical painting, let me know! I’ve considered using these to raise money for our trip to Africa this summer, but I’m not sure yet. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.) And . . . that’s all for tonight! Hope your week is off to a great start!!


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