The Bottlecap

It was such a tiny moment, and yet it loomed in her mind. This would end a chapter of her life, and set her off on new adventures, new heartaches, new gains and new losses. What would it mean when this was over? This pattering of her heart, would it stop, grow, fade? The memento in front of her on the table, would she keep it forever? Was it symbolic? Or did it only serve as a playmate for the fingers as they nervously frittered around?

Her eyes danced, but not a steady dance. A fast, nervous dance whose rhythm makes you feel out of breath and full of angst. She didn’t know how to deal with these feelings, they were new for her. But, she decided to let down her guard and accept them with her approval. She wouldn’t be beaten by an irregular heartbeat, or a nervous glistening on her forehead. The smile grew and as hard as she tried, there was no way she would be able to cover it.

There was a boy across the table. A boy that was talking, talking, talking. A boy that often set her heart off in these irregular patterns. And in the midst of his piling up words, she heard “I think I love you.”

Yeah, she was ready for this chapter. One that might run off to the far corners of the world, if not on the map, at least in her heart. She closed her fingers around the bottle cap until the imprint of the crown burned red on her hand. She let her eyes rest in his, only slightly, but in that moment she found a new feeling of belonging, and one that she would not soon forget.


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