Why Blog?

I had a conversation recently that reminded me of this topic. Sometimes, I wonder this. Sometimes I wonder what the point is of sending so many words out onto this at-times-scary force that has invaded our world. What is the point?

Perhaps it is the teacher in me, but I feel like everything I do should have a purpose or objective. It’s not effective to just do things to do them, there ought to be a “why” behind it all. (This trait may explain why I have such a difficult time just not doing anything!)

So, I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts on why I blog. If you blog, I’d love for you to leave your address in the comments below and a comment on why you blog!

Okay . . . some of you may have noticed that I have three blogs going right now. And, strangely enough, I have three primary reasons for why I blog.

1. Personal Growth: This is not a new concept, but writing challenges you to think through things and articulate them to an audience so that they can understand. I love writing, I have higher aspirations than this blog for my writing, but this blog is a good way for me to sharpen my writing. It gives me a venue in which to challenge myself to write consistently and figure out what I am actually thinking and why it is important. So, I blog for my own writing’s sake, and along with that for enjoyment. I really look forward to blogging (especially when I have an idea!) and I always feel good when I am finished. So, first of all, I blog for myself.

2. Professional Marketing: With both my educational blog (linked in the side-bar) and this blog, I am aiming to grow my own professional market. On my educational blog, I am sharing tips and ideas that I am learning in the classroom in the hopes that someone else will be encouraged or inspired by those ideas, and use them in their own classroom. I am working to compile feedback and therefore sharpen my own ideas, my own teaching strategies, and building a readership that would be there to support me if I were ever to seek to speak or publish my ideas. On this blog, I am doing a similar thing with trying to find a readership, get feedback on my writing, and try to plan where to proceed from there. I am just starting out as both a teacher and writer/reader, but I don’t see a problem with high aspirations and I am hoping that through these blogs I am laying groundwork that will be valuable in the future.

3. Community Interaction: As I have said previously, I am looking to interact with people by blogging. It is different, to be sure. But there is still a community aspect to blogging that I feel is very beneficial. I have begun to develop a network of people that I can turn to when I have questions, and I know whose blog to look at when I am searching for something specific. Even beyond that, my third blog is a blog that my sisters and I are writing together. Our goal for the blog is not primarily readership, but interaction among the three of us. Of course, readership is an added bonus!

So, when I blog, there are three things I am hoping to get out of it. I am hoping to sharpen my own thinking, reading, and writing skills by constant evaluation and being forced to put my thoughts into words. I am hoping to put myself out there on the professional market as a teacher/reader/writer. And I am hoping to interact with other like-minded people who will critique me, help me grow, inspire and encourage me, and who I can likewise inspire.

I know that those are basic, simple ideas, but for me they are the reasons that I blog.

Why do you blog?


3 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. k. liz – I love your blog! and I appreciate you too!

    The reason I blog was a realization that I am fast becoming one of the “older women” mentioned in Titus 2. There are so many things that I have learned over 20 years of homeschooling and mothering and being a wife – some things the hard way! I wanted a way to encourage younger women to trust in God and not in themselves, and to avail themselves of His strength.

    I wanted a way to give back to young ladies becasue I had older friends who encouraged me along the way. Ideally this should take place in a local church, but since I still have 4 children in our homeschool and live 25 miles from my church, a blog seemed to be a practical place to do that.

    I am gaining from blogging too. Distilling our thoughts down to written words clarifyies what we think. To learn about myself is valuable to me. Plus I appreciate the essays my children write so much more, because I know how hard it can be.

    I am learning to use my camera! I am not much of a picture taker, but I a coming to understand how visually oreinted our world is and the tool it can be in teaching and learning.

    If someday, I earn any money from blogging, that would be fine too, 🙂 but primarily I do this because I have a burden to minister in this way. My readership dropped last October and I was discouraged, but God reminded me that I am to simply obey Him. He has a purpose and maybe it has more to do with my relying on His strength than it does on others reading my thoughts.

    Thanks so much for writing on this!

    1. Mrs. Trygstad,

      Thanks so much for the comment! I LOVE your reasons for blogging. So real and so important! I have also gone through the ups and downs of readership, and sometimes I find it very discouraging. That’s when I remind myself that I am doing it for my own personal growth, and that it doesn’t really matter in the end who else is reading if I am growing by writing!

      But, I am with you. I would love to make a little extra money by blogging someday in the future!!

  2. I don’t blog but I enjoy reading yours!! I am trying to catch up today so you may see several comments or just this one depending on what crosses my mind and heart while reading. This one thought I do have “I LOVE YOU!!!!”

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