Better World Books – Thank you!

I have definitely mentioned this site in blogs before, but they may have all been on my education blog. But, I do want to just take a few minutes to thank Better World Books for the work that they are doing in America, but also specifically for donating books for our Project Senegal Camp this summer! Better World Books has graciously donated 100 books for us to give away during our week of English camp in Saint-Louis, Senegal. We are super thrilled! We are also super excited for the support of this awesome organization for our trip. If you have not checked them out before, you really should do so now!

Better World Books started off as a couple of students selling textbooks to make some extra money and has burgeoned into an online used and new bookstore that is seeking to promote literacy around the world and is donating books to causes like our and others frequently. The bookstore has great prices (and for all of you international people, like us, they have free international shipping!) but what makes it even better is that they are people supporting great causes.

Better World Books already has a book for book donation policy (for every book you buy, they donate a book), but this week only they are doing a double donation campaign. If you buy a book, they will donate two to learners in America or somewhere else in the world. Also, right now, you can shop in their bargain bin and get 5 books for $30. That’s an awesome deal, especially when you factor in FREE SHIPPING!

I’ve been really impressed to this website before, and I am even more grateful now. I am excited to support this group and the work that they are doing to promote education and literacy at home and around the world. You should definitely go and check it out! They probably even have the book that you’re looking for right now, at a great price . . .

(haha. okay, so comment below if you clicked on that link and laughed a little . . . or at all . . .
But seriously . . . go and look for the one you really want.)


3 thoughts on “Better World Books – Thank you!

  1. BetterWorldBooks is literally the only place I shop for used books anymore, or new books. I love everything they’re doing! And I love it when I see shout-outs to them. I’m going to go visit your education blog now. : )

  2. Awwww! Thanks so much for the shout out! We are so glad we can help. Let us know when you need more books in the future. And good luck this summer! –Mary @ BWB

  3. Kudos to Better World Books! My favorite place to buy books. (Also, I can walk to their warehouse from my house and pick up my orders. It’s a great place and good employer for our community.) Great to see their generosity.

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