People being . . . People!

20120622-210429.jpgSometimes we ignore the people around us and conduct our business in one of those warp tunnels that Sonic the Hedgehog used to go through. We just forget that there are real people with real lives around us.

I love coming across stories and websites of people who are just genuinely kind and who really want to make this community called “humans” a positive experience. I know that there are big issues of sin and selfishness and depravity and redemption at play in this world. But, then there are little glimpses of character which remind us that there is hope, and that it’s fun to live lives that connect with people. Here are a couple of examples:

I Found Your Camera: This is a website for orphaned photos. The owner of the website collects SD cards or pictures from cameras that have been found and then posts them on the internet hoping that the owner will happen across them and then be able to receive the lost camera back again. Definitely a cool idea.

PostSecret: This is a site of a man who started inviting people to share secrets with him via postcards that they created themselves. For several years now, he has been collecting secrets and posting them on the internet once a week. Perhaps this doesn’t seem to really be bringing people together, but when you see how many responses he has, and how people interact on the internet about the responses, you realize that people sometimes just want a way to connect and want someone who will understand what thoughts they have.

Improv Everywhere: If you do not have a while to spare, do NOT look these guys up on youtube!! You will have a hard time stopping once you start watching their videos! These guys just do hilarious things to make people stop and think and interact with each other for a little bit. They talk about the idea of shared experiences and how it changes your perspective and enjoyment of an activity. From random acts in the middle of the street to filling up store windows with dancing people, these guys have some crazy but really fun ideas!!


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