Life . . .

So, it has been a rather inconsequential and monumental week all in one! I know that doesn’t seem like it is possible, but the monumental moments have been interspersed with those lazy summer moments. I’ve mentioned how it has been strange to be on summer break and have a lot of extra time, and I haven’t yet gotten quite used to it, but I’m enjoying it. And this is the last week of it for a while, so I had better!! But this last week . . . let’s see:

Monday: Hm, that was a while ago. Let’s not try and remember what exactly happened.

Tuesday: Talked with Jeremy and decided that it would be wisest if I looked for some work for next year.

Wednesday: Had an interview at a University Prep School. Went to the mall to hang out for a while. Got a job offer from said University. Went to friends’ house for an Iraqi dinner. Spent time with friends.

Thursday: Spent quite a while trying to get my residency renewed for next year. But, Jeremy made a friend in the process.

Friday: Accepted the University position. Chose an apartment for the next year – super excited about that!! We will finally have a balcony, and a distant sea view even!! Definitely have room for guests now . . . once we have furniture. 🙂

Saturday: Picked up Jeremy’s bound thesis!! Pretty awesome!! Looked at paint swatches and furniture at our Home Depot-esque store.

Sunday: Slept in!! Love Sunday mornings! Then got to spend time with friends fellowshipping, and got to see my best friend from Gaziantep!! So happy that happened.

Monday: Got the keys to our new apartment. Still super stoked!! Then went to turn in Jeremy’s final thesis (which maybe possibly involved more buses, split tires, and glue sticks than we anticipated). We now have a master master in the house, people!! Then got to eat dinner with a great friend in our apartment complex and sit drinking tea and talking until midnight.

It’s been a great week. How’s yours?


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