Too Long . . .

It has been far too long!! I’m sorry for the delay. Things like family vacations, African fevers, and directing summer camps have gotten in the way of blogging recently 🙂

I’m going to try and jump right back into my normal schedule, and I’m excited to share a book review with you on Wednesday of a book by a Turkish author. I’m planning on finishing it tonight or tomorrow, and then will be able to review that one and there are a few other good books that I am excited to share with you over the next couple of weeks.

And on Friday . . . oh boy, have I got stories to share!! I think that most likely I will share the story of the fire eater this Friday. That was a new experience for me! The past few weeks have been amazing and crazy and busy and fast and . . . yeah. I can’t fit it all into a little blog post, but I’ll give you the quick overview.

July 9-16 – we conducted an English camp and teacher training workshop in Senegal. Many stories and memories and friendships to share about that in the coming weeks! That was an incredible journey, and I am so glad to have been a part of it!


The next week was a lot of travel and both of us contracted a bug somewhere along the line, so we would like to just forget those few days. I don’t think much of consequence took place . . .

Last week we had the opportunity to spend the week with my family at a beach house in the Outer Banks. We really enjoyed the time to chill, spend time with my young nephews, and spend some time in the water. It was a great week, and reminded me how thankful I am for my family.

Right now we are spending a couple of days in Greenville, and tomorrow night we head to Denver to spend some time with Jeremy’s family. This summer time is always really exciting though really busy for us, but it is so good to spend time with people who care about us and miss us when we’re away.

Well, that’s all for now!! Fingers crossed . . . I’ll be back by Wednesday!! Have a great week!

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