This Technological World of Ours

So, I have broached this topic a couple of times on this blog, but I try not to make it too big of a deal. But I couldn’t pass up this article!

Eva Restaurant Owner In Los Angeles Offering 5% Discount If You Check Your Phone At The Door

So, the headline gives the basic idea of the article, but if you take a minute to read it (it’s short, I promise!) I’d love to know your thoughts. Here are my questions:

1. Would you do it? I would, but I don’t use my phone a ton right now. I know that there are some people who would not find a 5% discount worth it. So, let me ask it another way . . .

2. Would you pay a surcharge to keep your phone? I guess that this encroaches on people’s rights, but . . . maybe not. If we can forbid smoking, would we ever be able to forbid cell phones? Would we ever be able to fine people for using their cell phone? What are your thoughts?

3. Do you think that when a couple gives up their cell phones at this restaurant it improves their experience? Do you think that this restaurant is going to start receiving higher reviews because people enjoy the time away from their phones?

What do you think?


One thought on “This Technological World of Ours

  1. I love the thought and yes I would take advantage of the discount. No, I would not pay the surcharge and I don’t think I would eat at a place with a surcharge. I don’t like the idea of forcing no phones but the choice of a distraction free meal with the idea that I’m saving money is cool. I think they would have the chance to show off their service in a phones free environment but I don’t think it would guarantee any better ratings.

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