Wall Art

So, we are still getting settled into our new apartment, which is our first unfurnished home together ever! That has been exciting, and stressful, and crazy, and enjoyable all mixed into one week! I love this whole choosing things and making them work and decorating thing. I really love the prospect of making our space a place we love to be and that reflects who we are. One way that Jeremy and I enjoy doing that is by what we put on our shelves and walls. Right now we have a few of the paintings that I did last year, and several photographs spread around to decorate. But, what we have talked about doing for a while now, and what we still hope to do in the future is decorate our walls with photos that we have taken from places that we have been.

Canvas is such a classic wall art style, and what better way to put yourself into your home and give yourself the opportunity to dwell on happy memories than by filling your home with canvas prints of your own pictures. So many people these days have good quality cameras, and can take pretty good quality pictures. One of the best options for utilizing those pictures, incorporating memories into the home, and retaining a classy wall art style is by printing your own family photos onto canvas.

Jeremy and I have had our eye on companies that print photos on canvas for a while now, and I have come across one for my UK readers that looks like a good option. Photo to Canvas is an online store specializing in just this. This shop will take your photos and turn them into a canvas print from as small as 8”x8” to as big as 36”x36” or 30”x40”. To top it all off, if you order before 2pm, you can have free next day shipping anywhere in the UK! Coming from an American standard of shipping, that sounds pretty awesome!

What would you print if you put your photos on canvas? I think we would do cityscapes in our office, scenes from our wedding and favorite memories in the bedroom, funny random pictures in the guest room, and an international conglomeration in the living room.

What about you? What would be the first picture you’d print? Don’t you think this one would look great on our guest bedroom wall?


This post is written for Photo-to-Canvas.net, a company that provides photo to canvas printing of your personal photos at a great price with free shipping.


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