“The Danger of a Single Story”

None of us is composed of a single facet. We are a woven web of intricate pieces of character, experience, love, loss, ambition, and more. None of us can be explained in a facebook status, or a tweet, or a blog “About Me” page. Husband and wife spend their lives trying to learn about the person they have committed themselves to, so what makes us think that in a single meeting we can learn the vastness of a person’s being?

This is true not only for people, as individuals, but for communities and cultures as well. We limit ourselves when we only open ourselves to one side of a story. We need a bigger picture. You’ve heard a story from a man who visited the Middle East, but you do not yet know the Middle East. As Chimamanda Adichie shares in her talk, when we only know one story, we rob people of their dignity.

The point? Never stop searching for stories. You aren’t an expert until you’ve heard them all . . .

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