Grace and Little Old Men

November 4:

I’m thankful for the global church – the body of Christ here on earth.

November 5:

I wore a necklace from my grandma today. I’m thankful for grandparents that gave me an amazing mom and that gave me a godly example to learn from. I am blessed!

November 6:

So, it’s not the greatest thing to share, but today I was really angry about something that came up, and I was brooding. I saw on a wall reading for one of my Linguistics classes, just letting myself be in a bad mood. Then, a little old man came and sat next to me on the wall and looked at my book for a minute or so. I really wasn’t in a talkative mood, so I just kept reading. Well, he struck up a conversation. Asked me if I was living here, if I spoke Turkish, I told him I was married and he was shocked and asked about my husband and whether I had children. Then, when plans changed and I was going to meet Jeremy somewhere else, he stood up and said, “Oh, well, I’ll just walk home now, too.” So, he walked with me until I went through the turnstiles to wait for the bus.

I didn’t really want it at first, but it was a blessing and grace for God to send that little old man along to get my focus off of myself for a little bit.


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