6 Christmas Traditions

As you saw in my last post, I shared several favorite Christmas memories. Well, here I’m going to share 6 Christmas tradition ideas that I hope to incorporate into our Christmases, either this year or in the future.

6. A Nativity – I want to keep the center of Christmas the center.

5. Purposeful giving – this year we decided to follow this idea, “one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing they wear, one thing they read.” (We may not have followed it to the letter, but it was a guideline!!)

4. The Christmas jar – read about it here.

3. Parties. To be honest, I’m not always the party type. I don’t really love parties, but I am living in a place that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so I’m excited to have parties so that we can explain it to them.

2. A Spirit of Fun – I don’t think that’s necessarily a tradition, but I want to keep Christmas fun. This year has been a little bit harder. I’m teaching on Christmas, so it feels a little less Christmas-y, but no matter how busy or neglected the holiday might seem, I want it always to be a happy memory for our family. With this, I guess it includes even moving Christmas to have a family time to celebrate. We actually celebrated Christmas ourselves early last year, before meeting up with Jeremy’s family, and the first year we were married, before meeting up with my family. I think it’s important to have a small family time for Christmas as well as big family time.

1. The Gospel Song. We started singing this on Christmas the year that we got married, and we have done it every Christmas since. This is what Christmas is about. It’s an amazing holiday and story because it means that we get eternal life. That’s awesome, and that’s what we try to remember on Christmas and every day.

What are your traditions?


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