7 Christmas Memories

So, when I decided to write about Christmas memories, I was going to title it “7 Best Christmas Memories,” but then I realized that the memories that came to mind weren’t what you would picture in a “perfect” Christmas. So, I decided to share them anyway and remind you that Christmas doesn’t have to look or be perfect, it’s about making memories. So, don’t stress over the details, enjoy the time you have with the people around you.


7. The year I ate the poinsettia and was sick for Christmas. Haha. Mom and Dad didn’t find out for a few years, but I never ate another one.

6. The year that, about a month after Christmas day Mom found more presents hidden in her closet that she’d forgotten. Extend the season!!

5. The year that we were having company over for Christmas dinner, and all the power went out. Improvise!

4. Dad might not like me sharing this one, but the year that we were on our way to our Christmas recital, and it was snowing, and we might’ve gotten the car stuck. So, at the time it was not funny at all, but it’s a memory. Cars getting stuck is kind of fascinating for young minds, or mine anyway.

3. Two Christmases ago, when Jeremy and I spent Christmas day with a friend at the mall near our house in Gaziantep watching the largest ebru painting being made on the first floor while we ate on the fourth. Not typical.

2. Our first Christmas being married and traveling countless miles from WI to PA to Detroit to Denver to Detroit to Cincinnati to Dunbar. One flat tire, stand-by failure, driving through the night, unexpected discounts, lost baggage, and spontaneous conferences . . . lots of good memories. (Oh, and there was also the entire Screwtape Letters, Jesus Storybook Bible and a season of 24 in there as well.)

1. Here’s my just general Christmas memory. If you ask me what Christmas is, this is what it is to me, and it’s not a specific year, it’s just . . . Christmas: opening a present or two, or all of them on Christmas Eve, staying up late with Mollie watching movies (late – aka, we fall asleep halfway through the first one, and wake up to put on the second), Christmas morning and excitedly waiting to see all of my siblings that I haven’t seen for forever (now adding in 7 little ones as well!!), talking, busyness, laughing, Mocha Punch, eggs, hashbrown casserole, Dad corralling everyone, reading the Christmas story, sharing what we’re thankful for from the year, handing out gifts, watching elatedly as everyone opens their gifts, the annual wrapping paper ball war, kinda cleaning up, schooling my brother in ping-pong, playing with new (or old) games, gathering for the family photo, sadly watching all of the siblings leave, chilling at home watching movies or TV . . . that’s Christmas

Obviously, Christmas has changed for me. But . . . that’s for the next post. 🙂


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