5 Great Soups and 4 People on a Couch

So, I started writing yesterday, and then I was tired and fell asleep before I finished. Yesterday was great. It snowed. I love snow! Yesterday was also a bit crazy. Ever tried riding the metrobus with the rest of the city while it’s snowing? Loads of fun, let me tell you. I am pretty sure I went about 10 stops before I ever had to hold onto a pole. (Mom, you should appreciate this!) And right now, it is 2:00 a.m. We have successfully cleaned up from a student party, and it was great. But, all of this to say, please forgive the brevity of this post. First of all, where would we be without soup on snow days? Here are five great ones you’ve got to try (we’ve had two of them in the last two days!!)

5. Corn Chowder: they told me (on the recipe) that it was a summer soup. It’s not, really. It was perfect for a cold snowy night.

4. Roasted Red Pepper Soup: this one just about did Jer in. Probably I should have taken the seeds out of the peppers more carefully, and probably next time we won’t order hot peppers, and hopefully next time Jer won’t have a cold.

3. Chili: yes. Doesn’t this sound like football, kind of?

2. Chicken Fajita Soup: We make this sooooooooo often. I am pretty sure we have had leftovers of it in the fridge every time I have made a new batch (because of course the leftovers weren’t enough for both of us!)

1. Chicken Pumpkin Corn Chowder: I know, it sounds weird, right? But my mom makes it, and it’s pretty awesome. You should ask her for the recipe.

Four people on a couch? Favorite party game! Especially in a bilingual/trilingual – mixed up language setting. No language required, just names (once the instructions are kinda explained and repeated and demonstrated, of course.) This is a great game. We played it thrice tonight. Which brings me to the question, why party?

4. Because it’s a holiday thing to do, and it’s fun.

3. Because practicing hospitality is a Christian thing to do.

2. Because Christmas is the beginning of a story that people need to know about.

1. Because sometimes you need to remember that life is about bigger things than yourself.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday parties this season!! May they be fun and filled with happy memories.



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