28 Days of LOVEliness: Gift Guide – Her

So, I shared my Gift Guide – Kids yesterday, so if you have little ones around, check it out!! Today, I want to share just a few ideas of gifts for the the girl in your life. I don’t have a slew of ideas, but just a few that are maybe not your average flowers, chocolate, and dinner date. Don’t spoil the surprise, but I’d love to hear what you are getting or got for the girl in your life in the comments below! In my opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t about going big, it’s about demonstrating your thought, appreciation, and love of the special someone in your life. It doesn’t take an immensely expensive gift to make most girls happy, but prove to her that you have been thinking about her and wanting her, and she’ll be ecstatic.

1. I thought that this bracelet on Etsy was BEAUTIFUL. There are lots of jewelry options on etsy now that are customizable and just really pretty. I think having the initials on the bracelet would be super cool, if you ask me (and I’m a girl, by the way.) This bracelet is only $31 (and for you international readers, international shipping is pretty stinking cheap!) This is a good alternative to expensive diamond jewelry from a high-end jewelry store, and I bet that she would be just as happy. Here are a couple of other cheaper, thoughtful jewelry pieces to check out:

2. Take her shopping. Maybe you hate this, maybe you do it all the time. I don’t know. Jeremy took me shopping for Christmas, and it was so much fun. He gave me a set amount of money to spend . . . plus a “fun” stipend which meant we had to take coffee and ice cream breaks!!

3. Date kit: I mentioned before, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be big, but it should be about spending time together and really enjoying each other, so make a date kit and then set aside a good time to use it together! Here are a few ideas:

  • New DVD; favorite candy; Jones soda, or beverage of choice (need some DVD suggestions? I really loved this one and this one
  • New board game; score tablet and pen; and snack
  • New DIY project (3D puzzle; mosaic kit . . . make something for your wall); music CD; and hot drink mix
  • Outdoor activity tickets (bike rental; hiking trail map; one day park pass); mittens; treat coupons (popcorn, hot chocolate, etc.)
  • New book – TO BE READ TOGETHER!! – blanket; coffee mugs (need book suggestions? check here, here, or here for great read-together novels!)

4. Something Beautiful: Valentine’s Day is a good time to get something pretty for your girl that you wouldn’t normally just buy. Today, I saw the prettiest little stand mirror on someone’s desk, and I thought that it would make a really lovely gift for Valentine’s Day. Here’s another stand/vanity mirror at Urban Outfitters. Find something unique that will always remind her of the time that you picked it out for her. A few ideas are wall decor with a favorite quote, candles and a candle sleeve, a jewelry box, or a decorative bowl or plate to catch extra coins and keys – find something that she’ll see every day!

5. A Body Something – This is another good way to remind your girl that you think she’s beautiful. Pick out something that is either something you know she likes, but won’t splurge on, or something that is semi-luxurious for her body. Don’t buy foundation or face wash . . . those highlight imperfections. Pick out something that highlights what you love about her . . . lipstick, a pretty eyeshadow, nail polish, a hair accessory. Or, pick out something that gives her some relaxation like bath bombs, a body butter, a massage bar, or a body set.

So, for all you guys out there, get out and find something!! The ideas I’ve shared range from around $10-$100, so none of them should break the bank! Hope these help give you a little idea of where to go to show your girl you love her this Valentine’s!!


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