28 Days of LOVEliness: Gift Guide – Him

This is the hard one!! If you are looking for Valentine’s gift ideas for your wife or kids, please check my previous two posts, but if you’re looking for the guy, this is the place!! I find shopping for guys to be a relatively difficult task. They don’t just accumulate stuff like we girls do. They don’t want more jewelry or clothes, and they aren’t quite as enamored by pretty little things. So, what to do? Here are a few ideas of what to get for your guy.

1. An App – Does your guy have an iPhone or some mobile device? If so, you may be like Jeremy and I. We almost never pay for applications. But, that’s not to say there aren’t any cool ones out there. So, perhaps a good idea for Valentine’s Day is to splurge a little and buy him an app you know he will love. Some places to look around are in the sports, games, and photography sections of the app store.

2. A Subscription – This might be online or physical, but perhaps your guy would like a subscription to an interesting magazine or paper service. Valentine’s is a good time to encourage him in his interests and show him that you care about the things he enjoys.

3. Food – This doesn’t even warrant a place on this list, because it is the oldest advice ever!! Haha. Of course every guy loves food. So, how can you gift that to him? Well . . . bake him something; take him out to his favorite restaurant; buy a bunch of his favorite snacks; give him coupons for his favorite foods, and promise him you’ll make them when he asks; get him gift cards so that he can get his favorites without feeling guilty while working or out and about (a little gift card bouquet would be great for Valentine’s! Include one to his favorite gas station, coffee shop, dessert shop, fast food joint, and sit down restaurant.)

4. Little Things – While I said that girls are more into this than guys, I think that it is also possible to give guys a token that they will appreciate that demonstrates your love to them. Check out this guitar pick I found on etsy! I think it would be perfect for a musical guy (that one is actually sold, but the link above will take you to a full page of guitar picks that you can customize any way you want! They range from $9-$60). Here are a few other trinket ideas for guys:

5. Technology! – I don’t know about you, but the guys in my family love technology. Valentine’s Day isn’t always the best time to invest in some big technological item, but you could definitely give some related gifts that they would enjoy very much!

So, there are my ideas for you today. Hope they are helpful! I would love to hear your ideas down below!!


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