Hello April!

So, March just completely escaped me! Sorry about that. I’m going to continue the travel theme in April since 1) I basically missed March and 2) I’m going to Vienna in less than two weeks!! So, it’s just fitting. I thought I’d share a youtube channel that I’ve come across that fits perfectly with the travel theme. It is from fawn, which I think has some cool stuff to begin with, but they have a show called Wanderlust that just travels around and gives tips and also shows some highlights and things to do in several different countries and cities. Let me know if you like the channel, what your favorite episode is!!

The second thing I want to do today is share some of my favorite traveling experiences. I’d love to hear yours in the comments section!!

IMG_1266Most Exciting

I think that the most exciting things we have done while traveling was hiking to a canyon by ourselves and crossing a treacherous old wooden bridge over the swirling waters. I don’t know if it was the thrill of being alone in such an amazing place, or the danger of the bridge, but that was a really fun experience.

I also really enjoyed the time that the fire-eater sat on my lap to eat fire in Senegal. Definitely a good memory!!

Oh, and the hot air balloon in Cappadocia!

Most Relaxing

The most relaxing holiday we have had has to have been Thessaloniki/Salonic, Greece. We went last Easter weekend, and we spent some time walking around and visiting places, but the majority of the weekend we sat in cafes and read. The town was really chill and quiet, so we just enjoyed the time without any responsibilities.

IMG_1027Most Awe-Inspiring

This is hard, because we have been many amazing places, and almost everywhere we travel there is at least something that is inspiring! I think my top two are the Coliseum in Rome (LOVED that!!) and the Maroon Bells in CO after the rain and clouds are lifting. (Oh, and Cappadocia was pretty awesome, too!)

Most Fun

This is so hard. We ALWAYS have fun!! Really, I don’t think I can pick, and I don’t think it’s worth just listing all of the places we have traveled to here.

20120715-210030.jpgThe one I most want to revisit

The place I most want to revisit . . . hm, I always want to go back to Senegal, but they caught my heart in a different way than the others because we have interacted with the people there. There are SO many places in the world that I want to go, that it is hard to think of scheduling time to revisit one!! I would like to go back to England and spend a little more time there.

Top 5 dream destinations:

1. Australia
2. Thailand
3. Bora Bora
4. Morocco/Spain – really, I want to see if there are monkeys on the Rock of Gibralter
5. South Africa

What about you?


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