A Semblance of Intelligence

A Semblance of Intelligence:

I’m told, though I can’t vouch personally,
that he was ridiculed and rejected as a boy.
I was told that his teachers laughed at his dreams.
His parents, no doubt, were disappointed,
perhaps embarrassed by the fact.
This probably left him outcast on the playground,
unpopular on sports’ teams,
and not the first choice among the girls.

But I bet, that deep inside of him
there were dreams that no one else had dared to dream yet.
I’m sure that his mind raced with ideas that
no one else understood.
To him, the colors of the world reached farther,
meant more,
accomplished greater purposes than others realized.

I bet inside of him was a person that
wanted to be freed from the prison of his
mind at times.
I bet that same person wanted to be locked
back up in his mind when forced to socialize
at times.

I’d venture to guess that in this great big wide world,
there are other boys, and other girls,
just like him.

Those who people say have barely
a semblance of intelligence.

when in reality




August 22, 2011


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