Some say baggage is bad.
That it weighs down the traveler from the
way he must go.
That it makes it impossible to pick up and move forward.

Well –

Tomorrow it begins.
The journey around the world
to new life.
Who can tell now the things I will see,
the experiences I will laugh at,
the joys I will savor,
the sorrows that will fill my eyes with tears.

And along with me on this journey,
I will take my baggage, because I cannot leave it behind.
Those things that have challenged me,
changed me,
given me warmth and depth,
pain and heartache.

But they are inextricably tied to the essence of who I am,
and as I journey on through this life,
they will change and shape me into who I will be.

Some say baggage is bad,
but it is me. It is my past,
and it will become my future.
I say, take it . . . and fly!

August 9, 2011


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