The Art of Having Someone to Care About

The Art of Having Someone to Care About:

It’s not as easy as it sounds, you know.
It’s not as though someone strikes your fancy
and hereafter they will be your best friend, and you will never be separated.
Where’s the care in that?
So many people today pine for what they think is true love –
for that person who will come and whisk them off of their feet,
take them to their enchanted palace,
and essentially wait on them hand and foot the rest of their lives.
That is love?

Then it must be that I am pursuing something different.
For that isn’t the dream I find myself lost in.
No, the dream that I am living day by day
is a choice.
It’s a choice to decide that this person will be my best friend,
even when we don’t agree.
It’s a choice that I will do the things I don’t like,
simply because I know he does –
and in the end, I end up liking them too.
It’s a chore to daily choose to do something for the other,
because serving is not a natural part of human.
It’s learning to communicate on different levels, in different ways,
because we don’t actually read each other’s minds,
but after learning to talk the way they think, you do.
It’s a million little things that seem annoying, or tedious,
or unnecessary,
or petty,
or trite . . .
but in the end, those million things make up the most beautiful friendship in the world.
and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
because I really care about him, and I really love him.

and to have someone to care about is probably the best feeling in the world.

August 28, 2011


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