The Old and the New

The Old and the New:

A maxim for my generation:

There’s beauty in memories.
In things so old that the origin now is . . .
less than clear.
There’s comfort in stability.
In knowing something has lasted so long . . .
it cannot fail now.
There’s love for the ancients.
Those things that have watched us grow up . . .
and we can’t imagine life without.

But, while those things are dear and necessary and an incredible part of our lives,
we cannot really expect to continue on without creating,
new things . . . better things . . . things that will change the way our children grow up.

Never discard the old because it is old.
But neither balk at the new because it is not old.

Advancements were never made without the ancients’ shoulders to stand on,
and the new’s hands to  pull us up.

Man will succeed by learning to thank the past for what it’s given us
and appreciate the future for what it has yet to teach us.


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