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Extreme Weekend

Haha. Okay, so it wasn’t that extreme. But, I did get to do something super cool that I’d never done before! Life has been strangely relaxed recently what with school being finished and all. I keep double checking myself just to make sure I’m not missing something huge. But, nope, I’m not!

So, first of all, happy day after father’s day to all you dads out there! I am sooooooo thankful and so blessed with the father that God gave me! I’m really thankful to have him! I love having a dad that makes God’s love make sense. I hope you have been so blessed as I have been! And, I am also thankful for my father-in-law, another Godly man that I have been blessed with in my life!

On Saturday, we went down near a castle by the Straits of Bosphorus to watch a Red Bull MotoCross XFighters exhibition. It was awesome! The only problem was that we got there at 7:30, hoping to get good spots for the 8:30 start (which we did), only the wind was so bad that the show didn’t start until 10:00 and then they only did about 20 minutes. So, we were slightly disappointed, but at the same time I was so amazed that it was completely worth it! That was definitely a super fun experience! (And kudos to Jer for snapping such a great picture!!)

The rest of life has been exciting and summery as we are able to enjoy life here in Turkey, enjoy being a part of other people’s lives, and enjoy planning for the weeks to come. Hope you’re enjoying summer as well! What summery things have you done or are you planning to do?