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Happy Halloween!

So, oddly enough, Halloween is a much bigger deal for me this year than it usually ever was before. I guess that comes from having a little lab of eager people to make pumpkins and put costumes on dogs, and read random Pigmoose Halloween stories.

But, that being said, Halloween does bring back memories . . .

Like two years ago when I sneaked around to grab pumpkins and carve them while Jeremy was at school and have the waiting at home for his arrival.

Like the countless years my mom got the mask out of the basement that would give my little sister nightmares and freak me out too. But, I never got teased because I was just hyperventilating while Mollie was running and screaming.

Like the year I went trick-or-treating in the dorm.

Like going trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids, gathering for a party afterwards, and then a mom insisting someone walk us the block home, even though we lived in a tiny neighborhood and I was leaving for college in less than a year.

And this year I can add on the memory of having my kids make jack-o-lanterns and proceeding to run around the classroom knocking on every surface and saying “trickertreat, candy please!” (I do have such polite little villains.)

Freaky Friday

I realize that Halloween is coming just around the corner. What I didn’t realize is that someone had signed me up to host this year’s haunted house.

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but this last Friday sufficiently freaked me out.

My husband had left early in the morning for the city that we lived in last year to take care of some paperwork. He wasn’t going to be home until early morning on Saturday. I had made a nice to-do list for my Friday evening to try and get caught up on some blogging, some school work, some other interests I had been wanting to pursue. I left school promptly at 4:00, and came home to change, chill for a bit, and then get working. Well, I was started running some bath water, and realized that my bathroom lights were far brighter than normal . . . nope, normal . . . nope, brighter. I thought that was strange and unplugged my computer just to be safe. That’s when I realized that there were some strange popping sounds coming from the living room. I went out there and the TV was going berserk, turning on and off and on and off . . .

That’s when I started to get a little curious. I unplugged the TV power strip and turned off most of the lights. I went back into the bathroom, and felt the water. It was ice cold. No hot water at all. So, I looked at the hot water heater. On. Off. On. Off. That was kinda weird.

I called my husband and informed him of what was going on, and I finally decided to go and talk to the security guys. This was partly because by now I was getting hungry and the popcorn popper didn’t have enough electricity to make popcorn. I had flipped my breakers and it seemed to help a bit, but before long everything was whacked again. Oh, and the internet had gone out long ago.

So, down to the security booth I went and tried to communicate my problem. I’m so glad that no one documents our hilarious attempts at describing problems to Turks. Regardless, they understood and turned our power off and back on. Sadly, this didn’t resolve the problem. So, what could I do? I was home alone and freaked out. So, I finally made my popcorn during a good ten minutes of electricity and proceeded to unplug everything I could think of and turn out all of the lights. (By this time the hallway lights didn’t work at all.) I was a little bothered because my plans to get schoolwork done went out the window with the internet.

I took my popcorn and curled up in bed. My computer died five minutes later, so my movie was over. I turned on an audio story and grabbed my Kindle and sat in the dark house by myself. Jeremy got home a little after 2:00 and we decided not to worry about it then. But, in the morning, lo and behold, everything was still messed up. I felt it was a good demonstration of what I had to put up with all night when he turned on the lamp above the stove and it automatically turned on the living room lights as well.

Long and short, a man came and did something with some screws or whatnot, and now our power is back to normal. We were only out two adapters, an alarm clock, hallway and bathroom lights in the process.

I was never a fan of Halloween anyway.