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28 Days of LOVEliness: I asked the girls . . .

So, I realized when I started planning out my posts for February that between Jeremy and I, we have a lot of married siblings!! I have four married (and one engaged), and he has two, so 12 married siblings and siblings-in-law. I decided to ask them a few questions about marriage and share their ideas with you here. Today, I’m sharing my sisters’ answers. Enjoy! And, I’d love to hear your answers to the questions in the comments section!!

blog21. What is your favorite date night idea?

Going out for a nice meal downtown where we can walk afterwards and notice that there is beauty all around us, even in an urban environment.

Any date-night idea is great! Seriously, we enjoy going out to eat, and then doing something simple afterwards like shopping at a fun store, going for a walk, or even just driving around and looking at houses. Mainly anything that gives us a chance to talk uninterrupted!

Outdoor activity…sports, going for walks, etc.

We are pretty simple for date nights, I like taking a game to a coffee shop and playing the game there together.

My favorite date night consists of renting a funny or action packed movie, going to get Chinese take-out, coming home and getting ready for the movie by changing into something comfy (I love pj pants and one of his hoodies) and getting blankets to snuggle in on the couch. We get all wrapped up in the blankets, get our food, and hit play on the DVD.

Well, I’m not a date-“night” kid of person, but my daytime date would be going to the museum, zoo, or new city for a day just to explore.

2. What is something your husband does to make you smile?

Talk in a baby-talk voice to our son when I’m not in the room. Something about hearing a grown man talking to a kid in a baby voice is cute 🙂 

Makes dinner.

Jokes around with me…he cracks me up!

I love when he laughs! That sounds silly, but when he is watching something or says something funny, the way he laughs just makes me laugh, even if I don’t know what he thinks is so funny!

One of my favorite things is when he is really laughing about something he has this belly laugh and then random high squeak comes out. It makes me laugh every time he does it.

I love when he acts silly, or does his happy dance. Makes me laugh every time. 🙂 

3. What is one thing a husband should do every day?

Give his wife a back rub :-). Just kidding. He should hug his wife, tell her he loves her, and that she looks beautiful. 

Say, “I love you,” to his wife and kid(s). And one household chore, any one, his pick.

Kiss and hug his wife and tell her he loves her.

Communicate that you love your wife.

Not just tell me that he loves me, but show me! Know your wife’s love language!

Say something encouraging. Too often we tend to point out flaws or mistakes because they bother us. But when he takes the time to point out where he feels I am doing well, it goes a long way, especially on days when I feel discouraged.


Thanks so much to Tracie, Angie, Lauren, Juana, Rebecca, and Tiffany!!

28 Days of LOVEliness: Gift Guide – Him

This is the hard one!! If you are looking for Valentine’s gift ideas for your wife or kids, please check my previous two posts, but if you’re looking for the guy, this is the place!! I find shopping for guys to be a relatively difficult task. They don’t just accumulate stuff like we girls do. They don’t want more jewelry or clothes, and they aren’t quite as enamored by pretty little things. So, what to do? Here are a few ideas of what to get for your guy.

1. An App – Does your guy have an iPhone or some mobile device? If so, you may be like Jeremy and I. We almost never pay for applications. But, that’s not to say there aren’t any cool ones out there. So, perhaps a good idea for Valentine’s Day is to splurge a little and buy him an app you know he will love. Some places to look around are in the sports, games, and photography sections of the app store.

2. A Subscription – This might be online or physical, but perhaps your guy would like a subscription to an interesting magazine or paper service. Valentine’s is a good time to encourage him in his interests and show him that you care about the things he enjoys.

3. Food – This doesn’t even warrant a place on this list, because it is the oldest advice ever!! Haha. Of course every guy loves food. So, how can you gift that to him? Well . . . bake him something; take him out to his favorite restaurant; buy a bunch of his favorite snacks; give him coupons for his favorite foods, and promise him you’ll make them when he asks; get him gift cards so that he can get his favorites without feeling guilty while working or out and about (a little gift card bouquet would be great for Valentine’s! Include one to his favorite gas station, coffee shop, dessert shop, fast food joint, and sit down restaurant.)

4. Little Things – While I said that girls are more into this than guys, I think that it is also possible to give guys a token that they will appreciate that demonstrates your love to them. Check out this guitar pick I found on etsy! I think it would be perfect for a musical guy (that one is actually sold, but the link above will take you to a full page of guitar picks that you can customize any way you want! They range from $9-$60). Here are a few other trinket ideas for guys:

5. Technology! – I don’t know about you, but the guys in my family love technology. Valentine’s Day isn’t always the best time to invest in some big technological item, but you could definitely give some related gifts that they would enjoy very much!

So, there are my ideas for you today. Hope they are helpful! I would love to hear your ideas down below!!

Summer’s Here!!! Now what?

So, I can admit it up front, I’m weird. But, I also know that I’m not alone. I haven’t even been finished my school duties for more than a week yet, and I find myself feeling like a loser because I have free time! So, for any of those weirdos out there like me, you might be wondering what to do to help make your summer feel productive and beneficial, but still fun. I’ve found that setting some goals for myself, and constantly reminding myself that I can really use this time to do the things that I haven’t had time to do all year has been helpful. Here are a couple of things to use the time for now that you have it!

1. Read! Surprise!! You knew I would suggest this, didn’t you? Besides, I just gave you all a good list of books to start on for the summer!! Right now I’m reading Beyond The Summerland: Binding of the Blade Book 1.

2. Learn something new. Choose a language at livemocha, find a music class, look up tutorials on youtube . . . whatever it is, teach yourself something new this summer!! I will be working on my Turkish and maybe playing around with some guitar or something, whatever I can fit in with all of our travels.

3. Learn new things. Is this the same? No. It’s not, that’s why I wrote it as a separate point! Use this time in the summer to explore new topics. Broaden your knowledge by listening or watching new videos. I REALLY recommend TED Talks for this. Just go on and explore, find something you don’t know much about, and watch the video! I also recommend looking around iTunes U and finding some classes you’d be interested in listening in on.

4. Try some new recipes. I’ve been finding some new recipes on Pinterest recently, and trying a few out. I have more time to experiment and a bit more flexibility if things don’t work out. 🙂

5. Focus on things you’ve been meaning to. For me, this is fitness and cleaning!! It’s nice to have the time to look around on the internet or in books to find some inspiration and ideas for these areas of my life. What area is it for you?

6. Pick a DIY and do it! I love doing DIY projects. But, at this point in my life with limited resources and space, if I’m going to do a DIY project, it needs to be purposeful and cheap! So, I like to make it a challenge to find ways to do projects that are both smart and usable, and that I like. Here is one that I’m thinking of trying:

click to visit the blog

7. Walk. I’ve been really enjoying this part of summer (maybe it has something to do with the fact that my husband buys me ice cream when we go on walks!!) It has been really nice to just walk and talk and enjoy the warmer weather and all the people out and about.

8. Focus on people. I’m not always very good at this. But, now I have time to! So, I’m trying to get better at sitting and talking and enjoying the fact that I share this story of life with LOTS of other people that inhabit this world with me.

So . . . those are a few of my suggestions for how to make the most of your summer and enjoy the extra time. What are you going to be doing? How are you filling your time? Do you have a list of goals for the summer? Leave them in the comments below!!

The Mountain Between Us: Review

Anniversary weekend road trip reading! Jeremy and I like to read books together when we have the chance. That hasn’t happened much in the last two years, because it is a little awkward to read aloud on the minibus or tramvay. (We do however share headphones and listen to comedy radio, and that’s not much better!) Anyway, back to the point of this post.

We were road-tripping for our anniversary trip, and we chose this book together to read while we were away. We have read two other books by Charles Martin together before, and we really loved them, so we decided to check out another of his books. So, without further ado, a synopsis and my thoughts . . .

The Mountain Between Us: A Novel by Charles Martin is the story of two people in the middle of their busy lives, one about to get married, one in the middle of a doctoral career, who are trying to beat a storm in the west to make it back to the east coast without ruining any of their plans (including surgeries and a wedding rehearsal). When all of the flights from Salt Lake City are grounded, they get into a charter plane together hoping to make it to Denver before the storm does. But, they don’t make it to Denver. Instead, they crash land in the middle of uninhabited, vehicle-forbidden wilderness with only the supplies from the land and their small charter plane to help them survive.

Their time in the wilderness forces them through many difficult issues in their lives and asks some very hard questions of each of them. The story follows their race against death to make it somewhere where they can get help. But a month with only each other for company and danger constantly following them forges them into a friendship that few others would understand. Ben is an active doctor from Jacksonville who talks very frequently of his wife, Rachel, but won’t give voice to the problems they’re facing. Ashley is a journalist who is excited about the prospect of marriage, but not necessarily her groom. Both have a lot to wrestle with and the reader is allowed a little peek into their thoughts and turmoil as they make their way through the barren landscape in search of help.

Of course I’m not going to tell you the ending, but I will tell you that it doesn’t end the way you expect it to. 🙂

To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed by this book. Not because it was bad, don’t get me wrong! It was a good story, and Charles Martin is very adept at building and developing characters. That is probably his strongest suit in story-telling, and it is a good one to have! The story was well developed, and the characters are deep. But, I was still disappointed by a two things in particular.

Let me address them point by point. The first thing that I was disappointed with was that while Martin still developed the characters well and had deep problems and emotion woven throughout, I felt that the nature of the book led to difficult conversations. When you have two people trapped together for a month with only each other for conversation things can get worn out quickly. The characters were still well developed, but I was disappointed with the dialogue at times. Perhaps the banter and sarcasm might have been realistic, but as a reader I got tired of the same jokes being made. That was the one literary thing that bothered me about the book.

The other thing that bothered me was not so much literary, it was moral. I do not expect to agree with every author that I read, and I am not so close-minded as to reject everyone that does not agree with me on every point. However, that being said, I had previously really appreciated Martin’s morals and worldview in his books and in this book there were two subjects that were came up in which I was disappointed with the outcome. It is not because I expect Martin to agree with me on these points, but it is because they are highly debated and I have strong convictions on both. These two issues are abortion and lying. I was surprised that with the two topics, Martin does not include much dialogue or discussion about the morality of these issues, but simply makes statements and moves on. I was a little jolted in my mind at the brevity which he allotted these issues. It is not that I necessarily disagree with everything that Martin says in his book regarding these issues, I am just surprised that they were not drawn out anymore than they were.

Those are my two critiques of the book, but overall it was an emotional and gripping story. I keep wanted to say that it is action-packed, but it isn’t really. I mean, they are stuck in the snow for a month! But it is an adventure story, and a story of the heart and journeys that the heart has to make. I would recommend this book, because we really did enjoy it and it does raise issues that are important to think through. But if I were choosing now, I would read it before his other books (namely When Crickets Cry and The Dead Don’t Dance (Awakening Series #1)).

Let me know if you pick it up! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!! It is sometimes hard to write these reviews because I am tentative to share some of the best parts of the book because I don’t want to give ANYTHING away!!

Have you read any books by Charles Martin? Which was your favorite? If not, what are you waiting for?

Relish Life

Rock cliffs rising up. Bright sun shining down. Incredible green encasing us. A fantasy world. A world where the only traveling companions are lazy old cows, elderly flies, and scared frogs. Where the dirt paths wind up and down, and up and down. Where the midday call to prayer rings out loud and clear across the valley between the mountain peaks. Where a wrong turn leads you to a comical collection of old people hanging out their windows and relaxing on the deck, no doubt drinking tea and talking about the good old days. Old people with lisps and exaggerated speech, with excitement in their eyes that someone so foreign could get lost on their road. A world with no noises to interrupt the thoughts, and the midday sweat of hard work running down your face.

Are you imagining yet? Keep walking, it’s a long hike, but it’s so close, and way more than worth it! The ground finally levels out, but is still just crawling with green vegetation. Follow the sound of the water, there it is. The old bridge. The bridge that was made of trees that must have lived before Turkey itself was a country! It’s obvious by the swaying and mangled way the boards lie that others have used this multiple times, but that thought does not entirely put you at ease as you look down at the happily churning blue-green water below and feel the wind carry you left and right in a tremulous rhythm above the rocks. Step by step, don’t hold onto the rails too tightly, because a heavy bird might be the end of them, much less your adrenaline filled, tired, and sweaty hands. Cross carefully! It’d be a shame to end here, you haven’t yet met the frogs or touched the cool swirling water. Once you’ve made it, approach the water. Sink your toes into the muck as it gobbles up your feet and argues with you about giving them back. Watch the frogs dive in to sound the alarm that invaders have arrived. The pool is no longer in solitude!

The water is cold, breath-taking, but refreshing after the long walk, and the hot sun. Get in, feel the rush of the current pulling you. Be careful not to twist your ankle in the bigger rocks. Look around. See the mountains towering high all around you, the beauty of the color of the water rushing past you, the lush green filling up all of the space that is not rock, water, or sky. Notice that there is not the sight, nor sound, of another human anywhere. This pool is yours for these few short hours, and you do not have to share with anyone.

Rejoice in the beauty of the Creator, and joy of love together. Relish the adventure of life. This was Monday afternoon in our Black Sea trip this last week. What an amazing memory . . . I am so thankful!

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Let me know a favorite getaway or a favorite anniversary memory in the comments below! Hope you enjoyed a little snippet of our time away!

Guess What I’m Doing Today?

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I’m celebrating three amazing years being married to my best friend!! I am so thankful for the time that God has already given us, and also for the many years and adventures that are to come. I’m still very much in love with this man that has given me his name and then traveled the world with me in pursuit of a better relationship with each other, with God, and in looking for more opportunities to reflect God’s glory in this world. What more could I want? So, in honor of Jeremy, today I’d like to write ten things that I am thankful for that God has blessed me with in Jeremy. 🙂

1. He is so patient with me.
2. He likes to read – and we like to read together and discuss what we’re reading.
3. He listens to me . . . all the time. 🙂
4. He loves God.
5. He likes to do exciting things.
6. He’s laid back and balances my frazzledness really well.
7. He’s intelligent, and he enjoys watching and listening to intellectual things. (I am really thankful for that!)
8. He is sooooo good with other people – talking, listening, helping, encouraging.
9. He praises me and thanks me and generally makes me feel good.
10. He’s committed . . . for life.

Three years ago today was one of the most fun days of my life! Breakfast with my love, getting lost, finding our way, getting ready for the wedding, smiling at everything, riding to the site with my daddy, waiting anxiously in the back room and spying on Jeremy out the window, walking down the aisle and seeing him smile at me, holding his hands and promising my life to him, praying to seal the day, enjoying the time with so many friends and family, and heading out from the wedding to start this adventure of marriage together. It was amazing. I’m so thankful!

Since this is my reading post, I thought that today I would just recommend my favorite marriage book that we have read so far. We have not read scores of them, but a couple. My favorite so far has definitely been When Sinners Say “I Do”: Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage. Go check it out, and let me know what you thought if you’ve already read it!

Just Thankful

So yes, there have been adventures that could easily be accommodated here, but I’d like to just take tonight to say how thankful I am for my best friend. I listened to this song (again) tonight, and I am just so grateful that God has allowed us to learn how to love each other and be a picture of what He is doing in this world with His church.

I don’t deserve him, but I am so thankful for him.