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Summer’s Here!!! Now what?

So, I can admit it up front, I’m weird. But, I also know that I’m not alone. I haven’t even been finished my school duties for more than a week yet, and I find myself feeling like a loser because I have free time! So, for any of those weirdos out there like me, you might be wondering what to do to help make your summer feel productive and beneficial, but still fun. I’ve found that setting some goals for myself, and constantly reminding myself that I can really use this time to do the things that I haven’t had time to do all year has been helpful. Here are a couple of things to use the time for now that you have it!

1. Read! Surprise!! You knew I would suggest this, didn’t you? Besides, I just gave you all a good list of books to start on for the summer!! Right now I’m reading Beyond The Summerland: Binding of the Blade Book 1.

2. Learn something new. Choose a language at livemocha, find a music class, look up tutorials on youtube . . . whatever it is, teach yourself something new this summer!! I will be working on my Turkish and maybe playing around with some guitar or something, whatever I can fit in with all of our travels.

3. Learn new things. Is this the same? No. It’s not, that’s why I wrote it as a separate point! Use this time in the summer to explore new topics. Broaden your knowledge by listening or watching new videos. I REALLY recommend TED Talks for this. Just go on and explore, find something you don’t know much about, and watch the video! I also recommend looking around iTunes U and finding some classes you’d be interested in listening in on.

4. Try some new recipes. I’ve been finding some new recipes on Pinterest recently, and trying a few out. I have more time to experiment and a bit more flexibility if things don’t work out. 🙂

5. Focus on things you’ve been meaning to. For me, this is fitness and cleaning!! It’s nice to have the time to look around on the internet or in books to find some inspiration and ideas for these areas of my life. What area is it for you?

6. Pick a DIY and do it! I love doing DIY projects. But, at this point in my life with limited resources and space, if I’m going to do a DIY project, it needs to be purposeful and cheap! So, I like to make it a challenge to find ways to do projects that are both smart and usable, and that I like. Here is one that I’m thinking of trying:

click to visit the blog

7. Walk. I’ve been really enjoying this part of summer (maybe it has something to do with the fact that my husband buys me ice cream when we go on walks!!) It has been really nice to just walk and talk and enjoy the warmer weather and all the people out and about.

8. Focus on people. I’m not always very good at this. But, now I have time to! So, I’m trying to get better at sitting and talking and enjoying the fact that I share this story of life with LOTS of other people that inhabit this world with me.

So . . . those are a few of my suggestions for how to make the most of your summer and enjoy the extra time. What are you going to be doing? How are you filling your time? Do you have a list of goals for the summer? Leave them in the comments below!!

My Week in Short Stories

Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . it is 6:40 on Sunday evening, and I feel the weekend is beginning. Just kidding . . . but I did just finish up my weekly coursework for my master’s class, so now I have a few hours for beating my husband at about 6 more games on the wii, making dinner, lesson planning, and a little bit of blogging. 🙂

Anyways, as you already know, I’ve been teaching this week – definitely a learning and growing experience. And I’ve also been learning this week. My master’s classes has some AWESOME topics and discussions, so it’s not that bad, as long as I can stay awake enough to understand what I am reading! So far we’ve been discussion things like culture, and how culture is taught in the classroom, and whether or not new inflectional affixes and function words can develop in a language. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Well, there are a few other things that have been going on this week . . . so I thought I’d update you.

The Poor Bird:

This is really a sad, but kind of chuckly story. The other night, Jeremy and I discovered a bird on our pump-fake balcony (that being when you have a rail and a door that opens that looks like it should be a balcony, but there is no actual balcony.) Well, we went and said hello to the little fellow and then went back to our activities. We had heard several interesting sounds during the night, and in the morning little fellow was still there. Turns out he was stuck because the pump-fake is too narrow for it to take off, and the railing kind of boxed him in. He had spent most of the time walking up and down asking the two other birds in the door and the balcony glass how to get out. We did finally rescue him with our swiffer in the morning. I think he has made a full recovery.

Date Night!

Date night this week was really great. We went to the mall and played arcade games, had a great dinner of iskender, shopped a little, then came home and watched a finale of the Amazing Race. I love my husband. This week was a great week of learning to listen and spend time with him. He is supportive and takes care of me, and I really respect him for that. Oh, and he got me this sweet shatter nail polish. I’ve been wanting to try some . . . isn’t it pretty cool?


Someone recently requested more DIY posts. Well, most of my DIY projects are inspired by others, and I don’t have great pictures for this weeks DIYs, so here they are along with links. 🙂 I decided to see what all I could do with a cheap t-shirt. I picked up a t-shirt for about $3.50, and so far I have gotten these three projects out of it.

Here are the links where you can find these as well as my comments:

#1 Scarf/Necklace
So, I’m not totally thrilled with how this turned out for me. It certainly doesn’t look as nice as the one in the picture. But, I was making it up, because there is no tutorial! I just cut 6 about 1/2-1″ strips of t-shirt, glued them together at the end, then braided them for a few inches and then knotted it closed. It’s okay. I need to add a colored flower or some beads or something!

#2 T-Shirt Flower (my favorite!)
I really like this one! If you go to the site, you’ll see that the author used it on a t-shirt scarf (which I also want to make!) However, I put my flower on a little piece of cardboard, and then attached it to a bobby-pin. I’ve been wanting a flower for my hair, so now I have one! I really like it too. The author also uses a button for the center of the flower. Well, I couldn’t find a button, but I had a pearl that had fallen off of a ring recently . . . so, hey it works!

#3 Rosette
Okay, so I don’t like exactly how MINE turned out, but I do really like these! I don’t like mine mostly because the glue shows up too much. But, the tutorial is pretty easy to follow, so head on over and check them out!

What have you been up to this week?