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February is Coming!


I love February. It’s a good month. 🙂 So, I’ll be doing a blog series called 28 Days of LOVEliness. I’d love to have you join me! I’m sharing the picture and some prompts today to get you started if you’d like to link up. There will not be any particular order or daily prompt, just a collection of posts in some way related to love. Here are a few ideas you might like to explore:

  1. Favorite love songs, books, movies . . .
  2. What love means to you
  3. Your own love story
  4. A Valentine’s gift guide
  5. Valentine’s DIY projects
  6. Conversations or interviews about love and relationships
  7. Valentine’s memories or treats

So, interested in joining me? Just send me an email or leave a comment with your blog address, and I will include a link to your blog posts along with mine!!

Also, I’m going to be compiling a Pinterest Board of Valentine’s ideas and things. If you want to check it out, just click on the picture!!

New Beginnings: Change? What’s the Point?

I’ve decided that one way to pursue some of my goals for this blog would best be achieved by blogging on themes each month. I’m pretty excited about it!! I’m going to start off in January with the theme: New Beginnings. My goal is to include several of my own posts, some creative writing, some interviews with other bloggers, and some resources for you to check out. If you’d like to join along and link up your blog or if you’d like to be part of a blogger interview, contact me!


Change, What’s the Point?

Well, it’s January. I know, from a brief perusal of facebook, twitter, youtube, and the rest of the world wide web, that I’m not the only one who is excited and motivated tochange some things. I’m not the only one to make goals for various areas of my life. I also know that I’m not the only who has already or will soon break some of those goals. How many resolutions have you ever really kept the whole year? I’m not saying that I never keep any resolutions, or that no one does. Rather, we usually find a way to keep one or two, and sooner or later the others fall by the wayside. So, why do we try? Why do we play this game every year? Is it worth setting goals over and over? I think yes, but why?

Let me start with a challenge. When making goals for your life, don’t just look at the things that you aren’t happy with, the things that you want to change. Take a minute to notice the things that you have changed, the areas that you have improved in as well. At times, New Years can become both thrilling, but also disappointing because you notice yourself making all of the same resolutions over again. Be sure to be thankful for the areas of growth and encouraged that you really can make changes.

So, why change? Well, we are human. We aren’t perfect, we haven’t arrived, and we won’t in this lifetime. But, that isn’t an excuse to sit around and let ourselves believe that just because we cannot be perfect, we shouldn’t try to improve in areas that are important to us. Isn’t there a feeling of exhilaration when you actually do start to notice progress in your life towards a goal? Isn’t it exciting? Why not work towards that? We need to also realize that God has given us this life, and everything that we have in it, and we have a responsibility to use this life and these gifts for His glory. When you frame your life by God’s story, then it makes sense why we need to be healthy, why we should be smart with our finances, and why we should strive towards better habits.

Another important factor as to why we should work towards change is that one of the unique factors of being human is that God has given us the capacity to dream and be creative. When God created us in His image, creativity was one of the essences that He gave to us that He did not give to every creature. If God gave that willingly to us, I think that it is safe to say that He intends for us to use it. God is not against us dreaming and striving towards bigger things. The key is that our dreams and goals are in line with his character and glory. Don’t let others limit the dreams that God has given to you.

A final note, is what to do when we fail? Doesn’t that prove that it’s not worth trying to change in the first place? No. It doesn’t. Failing is a blessing in disguise. Of course failing is not what we aim for, but when we fail, it is a gracious reminder that we are human, and that we are now a part of this world that is full of failures and disgraces. The beauty of that is not in the failures, but in the remedy. Christ came because of failure. Christ died because we messed up. Failures remind us of our limitations, our humanity, our shortcomings, and they point us towards a redeemer, a hope, a better Forgiver. By falling, we can get back up.

I hope that you are excited about this new year. I hope you are excited about turning a page in the story and chasing after the things that God has for you in 2013.

What is your biggest goal for 2013? Check back Friday, because I’m going to be sharing some great resources to help you achieve some of your goals this year!!