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The World’s a Stage . . .

If the world’s a stage,
and we it’s grand actors,
then we are acting only for ourselves
and our fellow crew.
But sooner or later we must acknowledge
that really, in the pit of our stomach
we are yearning to tear off our mask
and meet the one
that is standing at the edge
of the curtain
holding the roses.
The one who cheers not for the act,
but for me.

Christmas Shopping, Sharing, etc.

So, I’m really anticipating the next few weeks, as I expect I will be able to start posting more regularly for at least a little while. I am coming to the end of my grad classes for the semester, finishing up a few projects and reading assignments. I spoke at a conference last weekend, so am feeling relieved that the pressure from that is off. And Christmas is coming!! What an amazing time of year! I just love it. I want to use this post to ramble a bit, and share some things that have been exciting to me with you.

Christmas Shopping

So, my husband didn’t seem to know that this was colloquial knowledge, and now I’m doubting myself. But, don’t girls generally talk about how difficult it is to shop for guys? Your dad, brother, uncle, husband, friend, etc. I find myself with the problem of either everything is the same as what he already has, or its pretty expensive (i.e. a new technological toy!)

So, tonight I was Christmas Shopping, and I ended up taking advice from several guys I encountered along the way. Have you ever done that? Asked a guy in the store what he thought about something to gauge whether or not your own guy would like it?

Well, I just have to say that my husband’s gifts might reflect the tastes of the local mall employees this year! And this exercise of getting advice from the employees is even more fun to do in a second language. Amid my questions about style and whether or not something was good for a guy or not, I got asked repeatedly if it was my husband’s birthday, I was told I was too young to be married, and I was told that the item I was looking at was not beautiful, they would get new ones at the end of the week. Shopping in Turkey is often interesting – there are a bunch of stores where the employees follow you around the entire time your are shopping. When they finally decide to start talking to me, what follows is always an interesting mix of me trying to explain what I want, them trying desperately to understand my poor Turkish and me trying to find tactful ways to tell them that I don’t actually want what they are trying to sell me, even if it is a good deal.

So . . . what about you? Do you ask for advice in the store . . . in your own language? 🙂


So, there’s been a bunch going on recently, and I just wanted to share some with you.

First of all, I just published an e-book on using technology in the classroom. I’m hosting a giveaway of it on my other blog so you can go check that out if you’re interested!

Secondly, I don’t know how many of you know of the show “The Sing-Off” but . . . I love it! Like, I won’t try to describe to you how much fun I have during the Sing-Off season. And please don’t ask Jeremy how much fun he has, you don’t want to know. But, anyway, this was the last week of the competition – it is an a capella elimination show, and you have to see it to understand, but it is amazing what these people can do with just their voices, not to mention the choreography that they use! Well, I called a while ago who the top three teams were going to be, and I called the winner to, so I was pretty proud of myself this week. But, I wanted to share one of my favorite songs sung by the winning team, Pentatonix. This group is incredible! Enjoy . . .

Finally, I wanted to share a link with you. My older sister also shares a love of writing with me (as does my little sister, I think my parents did something really well to instill a love of writing!) Anyway, she just had a story on Yahoo this week, and it is really good. I thought you might all like to head over and read it, maybe leave a comment. Here’s the opening line to get you over there:

This particular suburb of Chicago had a twenty-four hour McDonald’s. That is fine for customers who happen to be out and hungry in the wee hours of the morning, but for the workers who drew the short straw, the graveyard shift was nothing but torture.